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World of Tanks Clan?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jonzy295, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Jonzy295

    Jonzy295 Konvict Guest

    Jul 14, 2013
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    Hi Guys,

    Before you read this, i hope you like reading because it is a little bit of a long post which i took time and effort into so i would by thankful to the admins and everyone else if you think it is a good idea to play this game and we do make a clan out of it! <3

    I'm not sure if you have all heard about the game called World of Tanks, but i think it will be another great game to put on the Konvict list, its free to play with no limits, like you need to pay to get be allowed to research more tanks (that isn't what it is). Its a very fun game with excellent game modes for clans. They have:

    - Random Battles
    - Training Rooms
    - Tank Companies
    - Clan Wars

    Random Battles
    This consist of games played against other RANDOM people within the World of Tanks Community, (over 6 million registered users). The random battles are mainly for (grinding) your tank to be able to research new modules and even more new tanks along the Tech Tree, you will be fighting 15 vs 15 in every battle. The random battles have 3 game modes with in the Random Battles. They are:

    - Assault
    - Encounter
    - Base vs base

    I would go into lots detail about those game modes but i cba. Anyway just quickly going through them, assault has a map with 2-3 enemy or friendly spawn point (depending on if you are defending or not) and the objective is to assault the base hence the name assault, and the other team either needs to defend it whilst the others attack.

    Encounter is a game mode that has a flag in the middle of the map and you and the enemy spawn in the corners of the map, the aim is to capture that flag before the enemy does or eliminate all of the players (i forgot to mention that about assault).

    Base to base is just fighting for territory basically. You spawn at your base and you fight for the enemy base, and the enemy will do the same so you do have to rely on your team as some teams you go into in the future will be very bad!

    Training Rooms
    Training rooms if you didnt know are for training purposes. These rooms can hold up to 15 vs 15 which is normal in a random battle. Obviously you would teach your members new tactics, and new things they can improve on in-game which would help them survive for longer.

    Tank Companies
    Tank Companies are my favourite thing on this game. It relies on tactics. So you better know your tactics if you want to win games. It has 4 catagories to pick from:

    - Junior (Tier 1-4)
    - Medium (Tier 1-6)
    - Champion (Tier 1-8)
    - Absolute (Tier 1-10)

    Junior is a fast moving game with matches usually ending within 5 minutes of the match. It relies on flanking and rushing to them before they get to you, and if you have arty make sure you move them to a position where they can support the push which will provide shots from a distance on the enemy.

    Medium is alot slower but with a big punch, mainly the KV-1S and Hellcats are used for this. It is also my favourite catagory and it is mostly used in tank companies!

    Champion again a big punch but with more armour so you can afford to push with your group hard without taking as much damage.

    Absolute is tier 10 usually practise for clan wars! (no idea about how these play)

    Clan Wars
    So this is a big thing with clans, if you have about 15 people with tier 10 tanks then you have a big chance in winning, the clan wars is all about provinces these are things you can capture on the map, you have little rounds that you play against other clans. So its really a good competition and if Konvict Gaming was in this game i think it would be really good for the clans reputation.

    I hope this message gets through to the admins and i hope my effort making this topic was worth it. Feel free to leave me some feedback or if you want to see some pictures i will print screen them and edit this thread.

    Best Regards,

    Jonzy (Ditch - APB)
  2. Reamer

    Reamer Clan Leader

    Jul 11, 2013
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    As a gaming clan we have tried this already mate.

    We have a few members that play it casually, there just wasn't the same drive towards this game as there has been for others.

    It probably will only stay as a game that is played casually.

    The same developer have also done, world of warplanes and world of battleships, i play warplanes currently, well since last night anyway.
  3. jester66

    jester66 Veteran Member

    Sep 12, 2013
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    I play world of warplanes too lol not a bad game
  4. karnack

    karnack Konvict Guest

    Sep 12, 2013
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    well try War thunder if u get bored of arcade style wowp... :D :D War thunder is great flying simulator aiming to beat wowp :) check ut out if u like planes :)
  5. Tech 2

    Tech 2 Unregistered/Unconfirmed

    We have indeed tried this, KGcobra has a tank company set up

    Unfortunately you need alot of people to even start clan wars which means for those who join it's either a long wait or a big grind to get to t10

    Like Reamer said unless we get massive amount of requests for this game it better stay casual
    Feel free to have a stab at it and see if you can get members interested though.
  6. Vtelrunya

    Vtelrunya Member

    Mar 14, 2014
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    World of tanks i have, Tier 7 and trying hard find a decent clan for the game.