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By Ubly on Jan 25, 2018 at 5:34 PM
  1. Ubly

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    Apr 8, 2015
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    Hi all,

    As some of you already know we will be swapping to discord in the near future.
    This won't occur until the week of the 29th, but we want you to be prepared to make the swap as smooth and as painless as possible. When we begin to transition, we will post a discord link in the announcements, and the mods of each section will also reach out to help out.
    There are several reasons for this swap, which are;

    • The dedi and software to host teamspeak is expensive, by removing this we reduce the consistent donations we require to run the community and allow us use them to support our sections better with prizes etc.
    • Discord is a more popular platform than teamspeak is currently, by swapping we will be a more attractive community to join. This means you as members will have more people to play with, and will be able to enjoy being a part of a community more.
    • In the past our teamspeak has been targeted by DDoS attacks. By swapping to discord, which has far better DDoS protection than we could ever afford, we can reduce the downtime of the voice communications.

    Because we plan to use discord instead, there are a few necessary changes required to make the transition as smooth as possible.
    First, we need you to connect your discord account to the forums. If you do not have a discord account, we suggest you make one as if you do not, you won't be able to access the discord due to the security settings we have applied to prevent trolls from ruining your experience. Click here to go to the page to do this

    Second, you'll need to select a role on the discord. This will be a good bit easier once you're actually on the discord, but there is a WELCOME text channel.
    Click on this channel, scroll to the bottom and you'll see a lot of reactions which look like game icons in a horizontal direction. The chat should look like this
    Simply click on the game icons that you want to be able to see the sections for (No more pesky minimising the CS:GO or FFXIV sections to see your beloved sections).
    That's pretty much you good to go! You can now participate in text or voice conversations within your section.

    On a slightly more controversial note, we will be opening our doors a little wider for guests. In the past, guests have been restricted to having members move them, but on discord we intend on allowing guests to be able to move a little more. Don't worry, as members you will have rooms dedicated for your use to show our appreciation for you, but some rooms will permit guests to join, and these will be indicated on the list.
    I want to reiterate, as members you will have DnD rooms, we understand that not all guests are friendly, and we want to make sure you feel comfortable within the community
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Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by Ubly, Jan 25, 2018.

    1. Cogliostro
    2. AJ
      When you mentioned DnD rooms, do you mean channels with member size restriction or team / private channels that require special permission to enter? Cheers.
    3. Ubly
      Team channels specifically will be at the discretion of the mod leaders.

      But there will be rooms that guests cannot physically see or join. You will require member permissions to see these rooms
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    4. FlashMonster
      How is discord making money if it's free ? Where does our data go ?
    5. Ubly
      Discord makes money through advertising and yes, likely selling data.
      But thats not exactly a new thing or unique to discord

      Your details are sold every day by telecom companies, facebook, google and tonnes of others you use daily.
      But quite frankly what on earth does that have to do with using discord?
      "Oh look discord has my IP, which is logged on every single website you access"
      "Discord has my phone number, which can be obtained from the DVA, phone book, utilities companies, your place of work"
      "Discord has my email, which will be literally everywhere if you use the internet with any regularity"

      Being paranoid but not chosing to live in a shack completely insulated from the rest of the world is pointless
      Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
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    6. Morrow
      I'm just excited for the meme-posting in the text channels.

      Overall, I think it's nice to see us using Discord. Why should Discord, an improvement to TeamSpeak, not also help US improve? It only can at this point, to be honest. It has gotten to the point that we got excited about ~ 10 active members at the same time in the Overwatch section, which we considered "a lot" and that is NOT a lot.

      Here's hoping to see many new faces in KG!
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    7. MasterOfTrollz
      I believe discord also makes money with the nitro service they are providing to people
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    8. 2307
      very nice
    9. Ladineko
      *calls in the Music bot*
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    10. Munkeywaxx
      If you're that concerned about your data, you really shouldn't be using the internet. :p
    11. Gill
      Looking forward to discord KG.

      Been awhile since I did some Heroes of the Storm with yall, I'll have to come check out the new setup.

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    12. Twisted1
    13. Twisted1
      Thanks Ubly, we had concerns and being mocked is not in the least appreciated. Just got back on my computer from having some repairs done and I walk into this with no notice and members are not all advised or talked to yet. Also you told me last night that TS would have a room until Feb 9 at least that would have given me some time to advise everyone what in the HELL is going on here. One camper here not happy with the way this is being handled. :rage:
    14. Ubly
      I am neither mocking nor making light of your concerns. I was addressing the fact that the collection and sale of data is not an uncommon practice nowadays, and by pretending that it is unique to discord is at the very best, unhealthy and at the worst dangerous.

      We made multiple posts throughout January to inform our members, and I'm not sure where you heard that the teamspeak would be closing soon.
      I want to dispell all rumours now. Teamspeak WILL remain open until the 9th. Multiple mod leaders have begun to condense their sections to encourage members to move to discord, but the teamspeak itself is remaining open until the 9th of February.
      If you hear rumours that contradict what I've told you, please ignore them. I have nothing to gain by lying to any of you.
    15. IIsengard
      I never got why you paid for a TS license when they are free to Clan Servers
    16. Strad
      They paid for a dedi, not for the ts.
    17. KuKi
      Strad knows, strad was in KG then they invented computers.... old hag <3
    18. DJMarcore
      ''Konvict Gaming - Error
      Discord did not provide an email address for your account. Please ensure that you have a confirmed email address listed in Discord and try again.''

      Great service guys. Funny thing is there already is an email on my discord, without I won't be able to sign up. How to fix this? Untill fix I won't be with you guys.
    19. Strad
      Yo, Marco. Did you link your KG profile with discord? That may be the issue, maybe?