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By ISY on Nov 18, 2014 at 1:50 AM
  1. ISY

    ISY Banned

    Dec 6, 2014
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    I've basically finished with the update to the forums

    What's been done
    • Database optimization
    • Index Caching
    • Page Caching
    • Fixed several broken plugins, including Thanks/Awards (awards is still a bit dodgy)
    • Added "permissions" to the Navbar, making the "Apply to konvict" Button only show for guests, and the "Warnings" only show for mods+
    • Added plugins "Downloads" needs to be setup
    • Removed the old Applications system as it was broken & added a new one
    • Added "Forum runner" support for Apple products to allow "pushing" notifications (work in progress)
    • Added a plugin to email inactive users to let them know we want them to come back
    • Remote IP detection, allowing us to pin-point proxy users & Submit data to StopForumSpam & Akismet
    • Image re-sizer
    • Forum rules, Required to post/pm/reply
    • Advanced registration options
    • Modified donation system
    • Re-enabled the prevent double post
    • Added a "To the top" button to the posts on the forums, should show bottom right of a post & it swings you back up to the top
    • Fixed the "Awards" page showing two images (Still need to re-add it to the navbav)
    • Added a Statistics system to the front page, when the forums first came out it was requested, but it was to early to have it implemented
    • Added a warning to users using IE1-7 That we don't support it, so use at their own discretion
    • Cleaned up duplicate threads/posts
    • Deleted ghost posts/threads
    • Re-built forum stats, post counts, caches & thumbs
    • Added chat colours to the Chatbox
    • Added a [button=URL]TEXT[/button] Tag to the BBcode system, you can use it like this
      [BUTTON=http://konvictgaming.com]Click my button[/BUTTON]
    • Modified the Spoiler tag to look a bit better
    • Re-added TapaTalk support
    • Fixed Social links at the top right
    • Added an "Invitation" System, that allows you to invite friends
    • Reset the permissions for each forum section & re-did them one by one due to a lot of issues with Categories
    • Made subforums list by 1, not two collumns
    • Reset Spam-O-Matic Stats
    • Fixed Avatar size in the "What's new" / Activity stream page

    Still to do

    • Adsense
    • Forum icons
    • SEO
    • More Cache optimizing
    • Navbar options/permissions
    • Re-add the Awards page
    • Complete the downloads system
    • Forum games
    • Postbit modifications
    • Overall Cleanup


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by ISY, Nov 18, 2014.

    1. Moloch
      Thanks for doing all this so quickly ISY!
    2. Venum
      Appreciate all the hard work thats done, thanks techies!
    3. ISY
      Need to Skin the new Donation system as well, will sort all that tomorrow, have been working endlessly since 11:00AM, time to sleep :)
    4. Shield1739
    5. Adversed
      wow that is an awful lot that you got done in one day. You are officially awesome good job dude :)
    6. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      Well I did notice some of the new stuff that was added yday...like the inv thing its awesome! Well done overall techies you've done a great job *bows* youve earned some sleep! ;) thanks again guys :)
    7. tech 5
      tech 5
      Bloody hell you did all that in one day!? Top job lads!

    8. Shadi
      Looks awesome so far, thanks for everything.
    9. Ravey
      Great job on this :)
    10. MetaFlamingo
      looks good, that #graft though, a lot done and some cool features added :)
    11. Lalo
      I loooove the new look ISY! Nice work man!
    12. ISY
      Fixed application system showing as thread invalid & put ISS apps in the right place
    13. Rainbow flash
      Rainbow flash
      Much work, Many forums, Such thanks :O
    14. Argick
      Thanks for all these changes Isy!
    15. Qubycs
      This website... I love it o.o' <3!
    16. Strad
      2 quick things:

      1!. Deleted Teds need to be visible only for mod+, so that members can't see it, if it is to remain this way, there's no point in hiding it from trials in the first place.
      2. When you hide a section on forums the tab below with "Title" and "Last post" are still visible. It just hurts eyes and IMO should be hidden too.
    17. ISY

      2. It hurts eyes?...It's like that because it shows that the rank in question has View/Posts permissions only for themselves, but can't reply/view other peoples threads, It's working as intended

      .1 Deleted teds isnt visible for Anyone below mods, bit slow there

      ---------- Post added at 04:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:41 PM ----------

      the reason you could see them, is because you have the veteran rank, it's been rectified, but normal members couldn't view it
    18. Shadi
      Do you still have data on how the old league application form looked like? (if not there are obv the posts). The questions were better at least, as for design, I'm not sure - imo it was easier to read before. Everything else is really wonderful though.
    19. Strad
      It's about esthetics really and I guess you didn't quite get me, so let me explain that with pictures...
      The way it is:

      And now the way it should be, in my opinion:

      It just looks way better.