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By Daryl on Jan 30, 2015 at 8:42 PM
  1. Daryl

    Daryl Banned

    Jun 10, 2014
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    Guys and gals,
    Currently the CS:GO mod team is going under some maintenance! We need new mods and we need 'em now!
    I would encourage anyone who is interested in helping the section and taking on a bigger management role to consider applying. This is a very good way to help the CS:GO section and the community within it. Even if you think you cannot get a shot as a mod I would urge you to apply, we are looking for new people, your reputations will not preceed you, applications come at face value.

    I'll leave some short tips about when applying.

    • Check your application for obvious spelling and grammatical errors
      [*]Take time on your application, it's a first impression, first impressions last
      [*]Be honest
      [*]Don't waffle. (Say too much about one thing) Try getting to the point in a clear and concise manner.
      [*]Check your application again..
      [*]Read up on our rules, false information makes it hard to think good of an app
      [*]Have some self confidence in yourself! Not enough people think they're cut out for mod when you really are!

    Here is the link to apply! http://konvictgaming.com/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=32

    Best of luck to all applicants,

    Daryl & The CS:GO mod team.

    P.S: If I have already spoken to you 1on1 you do not need to re-apply.


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