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By Hector on Dec 7, 2014 at 11:43 PM
  1. Hector

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    Aug 17, 2013
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    Posting For Lauren

    Hi guys!

    Your favourite 'announcement' writer here. So full transparency with the Bot of Legends thing going on at the moment. As some of you may be aware, a huge list of League of Legends players were signalled up to have been using a League of Legends bot. Here's a link to read explaining: http://www.dailydot.com/esports/bot-of-legends-user-data-leak/. The bot ensures kills by automatically targeting enemies and running combos, showing last positions on the mini-map, skin hack, zoom hack... etc.

    So the reason I'm writing this post is that a few people from KG are on this list! We're a big community so it was kind of inevitable, but a couple of our Officers/Leaders were on this list. Just for clarification, on this list, it showed both name, and IP address.

    Our Clan Leader Shorty's main account was shown on this list, however after looking into it, was found that it was not his IP. The IP shown next to Shorty's account name was actually the IP of another member of KG who used the bot on Shorty's account and had used it to gain advantage on many different accounts over 10,000 times. This member is being banned.

    We'll update this as more decisions are made about the others on the list which have been brought to our attention.

    Riot has so far not taken any action on this report.

    Love, as always, LaurenJuliet


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by Hector, Dec 7, 2014.

    1. alfie
      TY for this post
    2. Moloch
      invalid link?

      updated with kitten's link
    3. Dev
      The link is dead.
    4. Pizza Dog
    5. Wonderbear
    6. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      Thank you Lauren for the update. Sad to hear that it was someone in our community who used this though...not to mention on someone else's account. :( I dont see the point in cheating. If youre good at it youre good at it...if not...well practice more. Youre never gonna get better by using cheats/hacks/bots..not to mention I doubt anyone in the long run would feel good about themselves and proud.. so play nice guys and play fair...that goes for all games not just LoL.
    7. Luin
      Btw why use someone else account ??
      Why let someone else use your account ?
      Its bound to happend bad new if so
    8. Argick
      Playing devils advocate for a second but that is a list that Riot should have never gotten their hands on. It will be interesting to see if Riot takes action against those on the list.

      As for KG it's good to see that we are taking action against botting and hacking since it only ruins the game for 9 other players. As for letting someone else use your account well if you trust someone enough to give them access then go for it. You know the risk when you do so and I see no issue with it.
    9. pEoN
      I was going to ask for this user to be named.
      But I just searched the name of a player I have thought was dubious when playing against them in yolo q and low and behold big banned next to there name.

      I would like to see the people this user may have been elo boosting(on there own account, not duo) investigated, as that is also a major rule break?
    10. pEoN
      Well I see an issue of being elo boosted?

      If i'm in bronze 1 and let my diamond 1 friend play on my account to get me to gold 5 other players on the enemy team have the disadvantage of having an enemy far superior in terms of skill and game awareness.
      A lot of pros have been banned in the past for offering this exact service.

      I don't know the ins and outs of the accounts this user has played on but some questions should and probably have been asked.
    11. Semtex
      One user has been dealt with mainly because of other accounts that are "banned" that we're found after some digging one of them was for a game other than league of legends

      If riot ban we ban
      there's 130 thousand IPs on there some of them are generic dumps from cloud flare so the ip could match thousands of players and not be them

      Some have thousands of logs for one account others have 2 or 3 it's impossible to investigate them all

      There is also a log of 900 logs in 3 days which mean someone played 900 games of lol in 72 hours I would dispute the accuracy of the figures

      Hence the status riot bans we ban

      Code of conduct when I started konvictgaming :screenshot of a cheat or third party software being used or a "banned account" will result in instant removal

      This list gives neither

      We await riots response
    12. pEoN
      Might be worth putting this link on threads on the league of legends site by ex / upset people to show it is being dealt with?

      If ok i'm happy to do it.
    13. Boston Broiler
      Boston Broiler
      I don't see why there would be an issue with boosting unless software was used to assist with the boosting, it happens on csgo everyday it sucks if you're against it but at the same time you can learn from it, I'm not amazing at league so the boosting you're talking about it presume it's paid for might be seen by the league community as being far worse.
    14. Semtex
      I'm not interested in feeding information to banned members or ex members with vendettas this is a public post for members of konvictgaming which new members and potential members can read
    15. pEoN
      The boosting i'm talking about is when someone logs into someone elses account with the sole purpose of raising the account holders mmr, it doesn't have to be paid for.

      Here is a riot post on the issue

    16. uncledave40
      I'm not going to comment on this issue much as anything that I have to say would be said directly to those involved.

      I think, though, this should serve as a warning to why you should not share your account details with others.
    17. Argick
      I made my statement about account sharing and I never even considered Elo boosting. I'm entirely against that practice and rightly it should be banned any time you see it however that is not what I was aiming for when I said account sharing, I was thinking more along the lines of letting a mate play a champion they dont own or letting some play that doesn't normally play.

      Paid or Unpaid Elo boosting should be banned outright but only once they are caught ofc. Innocent until proven guilty
    18. Boston Broiler
      Boston Broiler
      I don't see a problem with that it's not against any rules just pointless and account sharing always ends in tears.
    19. Venum
      it is actually against Riot Toc and its also mentioned in our league CoC to follow riots Toc.