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Plok here! :)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pLok, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. pLok

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    Sep 14, 2014
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    Well, ok, I have no idea if this is the right place to post this but admins can move it if it isn't :D anyways, hello konvict gamers! My name is Ferris, but just call me pLok (my ign in most games I play). I filed an application just a couple of hours ago and I got to play a game of LoL with a couple of members earlier (with alphakitten and some other guys, sorry XD) but I'm pretty stoked about this community, been browsing here and there and it's just getting me excited :D

    So I'm in my trials now in the community (I think? XD), and dunno how long this works, but I can be patient :p

    About me:

    I'm 21 years old, born and raised in the Philippines and living in England. Played quite a handful of games while I was here on planet earth, the first console I had was a NES (Nintendo entertainment system) I was like, probably 5-6 yrs old then? Games I remember were battle tanks, super Mario, and contra :D then had PlayStation 1, 2 and 3, played a lot of final fantasy, from 7 to 12, this was from gradeschool to highschool. I'm a big final fantasy fan, my fave of the series are 8 and 10 :D then pc came to our household, played a lot of red alert and counter strike, half life and such :D then first online game I played was ragnarok online, it was the first online game in the Philippines, and it became huge, this was like when I was 11.. :D then played freestyle, fyff, MU, and some I don't remember now XD but they were like old school games XD I started playing moba when I was in highschool, they weren't even called moba back then :p played a lot of Dota when it was just a custom map, like hardcore with friends and during local tournaments, I just love how competitive it could be just like playing sports :D and then Heroes of Newerth popped out, I didn't like it though, I thought it was a rip off of dota :p

    Then I moved to the UK when I was 15, got a ps3, played cod, final fantasy and whatever, haven't really gotten into it as much as dota.. So then I went back to dota, but the scene was so different, dota 2 was still like on it's alpha or something, so I went to search for different games to play, like dragon nest, it was so big when it first came to eu but then, I quit anyways.. Then I keep hearing about league a lot, I was never a fan of any other moba games back then coz I thought all of them were rip offs of dota, but hey, they had to Base it there anyways.. So I thought to myself that it was time for a move on, and everyone else was playing it anyways,. I think that was like late season 2, I liked it at first, like I was dominating every game I played, but I kinda lost taste of it somehow.. Then I went back to playing ragnarok, on a private server though. Then like I saw these animes, accel world, Sao, log horizon, like how teams were used in those animes, it just inspired me to play LoL again, then I started playing again, like start of the summer split, played it hardcore, and got to level 30 :D after like a month or something..

    I started streaming like a couple of weeks ago, but cassualy, whenever I have free time, have like 20 followers at the moment.. Haha xD I enjoy it, especially when someone's watching and interacting on the chat, it's pretty awesome. I'm so looking forward to be a part of the stream team of konvict gaming! You can find the links like right below my name thingy XD in my profile too I think XD

    Anyways, well, that's one heck of an introduction, sorry it's a bit long but, I feel great having the opportunity to join this community and would be looking forward to stay as long as the Internet exists :D

    Let's all be friends and message me whenever, talk to me, I don't bite :D I can lend an ear to someone who needs anyone to talk to :D