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Our new friends at Eminence!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by LaurenJuliet, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. LaurenJuliet

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    Jul 29, 2013
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    Hi guys!

    So as many of you know, a few of us headed over to London for EGX last weekend. For those of you who know me personally or have seen me stream, I can get quite excitable and over the top; therefore this weekend was a veritable hyperactivity extravaganza for little Lady Lauren Juliet. I was running around a lot and meeting new people, introducing Konvict Gaming and trying to make us some good contacts!

    Now, one of the guys I spoke to was Petros from Aeterna Studios. They are currently developing a game called 'Eminence: Xander's Tales' and were really interested to hear about the community. I know I'm quite narrow-minded when it comes to games (if it's not LoL or Minecraft, I have little interest...) so I figured that I'd share with you some information about them while they're in Kick-Starter mode so if it does turn out to be your cup of tea, you can be a part of helping with their development!

    Below is a wonderful fountain of information for you to read over to discover more about the game.






    Imagine a TCG where you collected cards simply from beating and outsmarting your opponents in a competitive high risk card game.

    Eminence: Xander's Tales is an MMO/RPG trading card game (TCG) re-imagined for mobile, tablet and desktop. It's the first of its kind featuring an explorable virtual world and driven on a unique and evolving story.

    The game features a unique card battle system which has been inspired by the simple mechanics of card games such as Triple Triad. You play against others in a strategic high risk card game where the winner can actually take the loser's cards!

    Imagine taking your opponent's rarest card simply from beating and outsmarting them. Going beyond the traditional system of attack and defence points found in many other TCG/CCGs, cards in Eminence: Xander's Tales have to be strategically deployed in order to win, providing an extra layer of strategy where players have to carefully consider each move.

    Every card has a personal story and the more you acquire the more you’ll unfold the grand tale. In addition to this, the game offers an incredible virtual world where players can interact and challenge one another, forge alliances through guilds, participate in events and tournaments or take up story based quests to advance the storyline.

    The Story Prologue

    Artalys, the world of Eminence enters its fifth cycle of destruction brought upon by a raging Sun, which endures a cycle of death and rebirth every 10,000 years. In a world where fantasy and science collide, troubling Empires shelter ancient relics which have provided nations with the power of Alchemy, in a bid to learn of their secrets believing they may serve as key artefacts to preventing the destruction of the Sun and the planet's ultimate demise.

    In light of the planet's nearing end, the Aeterna empire has broken its alliance with Ixion and Wilkurse, causing an all out war for possession of the relics. Nations have once again become embroiled in conflict and instability. A legendary Alchemist, who has experienced the calamities of the previous cycle, makes his move to align the pieces of an ancient prophecy depicting a series of events needed to occur to save the world from salvation.

    Amid the war, an ex-Aeternian knight and an old student of Xander, Kronos is hell bent on seizing the relics for his own purpose. Fearing the motives of his former student are part of a larger sinister plot, Xander embarks on a quest to prevent the ordeals of his time repeating and align the final events of the prophecy.

    Join Xander in a desperate quest to change the course of the world and challenge the forces attempting to distort fate.

    Eminence: Xander’s Tale is a story about a world torn by war over nature’s natural destruction, broken alliances and our constant fight against inner demons and temptations of a darker path.


    Collect Them All: Collect hundreds of beautifully designed cards drawn by award winning designers. Trade with friends or unlock exclusive cards from story based quests.
    Card Steal: Conquer your opponents in a strategic high risk card game where the winner can take the loser's cards. Build a collection of uniquely designed cards.
    Evolving Story: Immerse yourself in a progressive storyline. Take up Xander's quests to reveal the tales which unfold within the grand storyline.
    Exploration & MMO: Explore a real time virtual world. Meet with real people in real time and traverse a continuously expanding environment and story.
    Character Creation: Customise your character. Choose from a wide variety of different looks and hairstyles. Upgrade your gear and create a look which separates you from the pack
    Online Multiplayer: Participate in ongoing events and tournaments which offer rare cards, exclusive armour/gear, prizes and bragging rights.
    Unique Guild System: Join forces with other heroes and build a team to battle cooperatively against other teams. Invite your friends to make your team even stronger.

    So there you go! That's Eminence!

    They only have six days left to go to raise funds so if you're interested, head over to this link and share some love!

    Love as always,
  2. Sean

    Sean Banned

    Nov 16, 2013
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    Sounds pretty badass. I'll support em a bit during there kick starter campaign.
  3. Reamer

    Reamer Clan Leader

    Jul 11, 2013
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    Might throw some pennys at them myself. Always loved the card game from ff8 so wouldnt mind trying another one where there is a risk.