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By Shorty on Jul 30, 2014 at 5:26 PM
  1. Shorty

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    Jul 8, 2013
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    I am pleased to announce I have been in talks with the company NoScope for the last few days and have been exchanging emails with their operations manager who controls their sponsorships. I applied for a sponsorship on behalf of Konvict Gaming and they came back to me with an offer which I accepted. I am very pleased to announce this to the rest of the clan and hopefully this is the start of something for us at Konvict Gaming. This is the first sponsor we have for KG and hopefully will help advertise us to the correct market. We have a sponsorship/affiliate deal with them. I will explain what we get out of this in the next section of this thread.

    So what do we get out of it?

    Well first we get our first sponsor ever for the clan! which of course is awesome!!!

    This is from the email they sent me offering us what they could:-

    At this time we would like to offer you a Gold level sponsorship. This sponsorship is a commission and merchandise sponsorship, meaning you will be provided with both an affiliate account that provides you with commission on sales you generate through your affiliate link, and promotional merchandise. For this sponsorship we are offering you:

    - 1x free NoScope Gaming Glasses for you to wear during streaming. If there are other gamers that stream on your Twitch then please let us know
    - 1x free NoScope Gaming Glasses to give away to your viewers
    - An affiliate account that pays you 5% from all sales made on NoScopeGlasses.com from users who purchase from your customized affiliate link
    - A picture posted on our website of you / team members wearing NoScope Gaming Glasses.

    So we get some pretty decent perks from them including free glasses and increased sales percentages. The big thing for me is the advertisement we gain from their website under the sponsorships tab. Hopefully this will bring us new members. So if you're looking into getting yourself some gaming glasses make sure to use our link! You will be able to find this at the bottom of our site and the sponsorships/affiliate page if you click on the logo. In turn we have to promote and advertise them on our website like we are currently doing and on our twitch page. Also Jonas will be advertising them on our twitch during the giveaways and if more people stream on our main twitch account for events we may contact them and see if they can give us some more pairs. We will also be advertising them on our social networking pages so make sure to share and retweet it etc to help us out.

    Sorry for the wall of text but I thought I would explain the situation :D

    If you would like any more information check out their site https://www.noscopeglasses.com/

    Here's the link to our affiliate page! so if you buy some use this link!



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