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By Sam on Jul 19, 2014 at 4:05 PM
  1. Sam

    Sam Veteran Member

    Jul 9, 2013
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    OK, So I have been thinking this for awhile, even before becoming an officer, and I would like to step down from my officer position. I would like to remain as an ordinary member, playing games and enjoying his evenings, Rather than spending most of the day dealing with issues. My mind is made up and I would like to do this. So im not very good at writing paragraphs, this was the best way I could explain it, Thanks for reading.




Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by Sam, Jul 19, 2014.

    1. Reamer
      It's a sad day but I understand your position.

      Thanks for everything Sam and your hard work will be honored with the retired officer rank.
    2. Valeera
    3. Shorty
      Hope you still hang around on TS and what not.
    4. Sean
      Thanks for everything you have done for KG. Enjoy the time in retirement!
    5. Strad
      Good work done, Sam. Don't be too serious.
    6. Jonas
      Sam babe, I've been close to you for quite a while now. We've had some good chats and I am glad you stay around, so I still get to talk to you about personal things ;)
      You are a good friend of mine and I understand your decision.
      Dont stop coming around.. I need my sammy chitchats alright?
      Ttyl kay? <3
    7. Shield1739
    8. CardboardFive
      We started off bad Sam but in the end we became buds, and thats all that matters!

      Shame to see ya go man.
    9. Semtex
      Proud to have had you as an officer thanks for all you have done mate

      Regardless of circumstance I've lost a few good officers recently and you will all be missed in different ways
    10. Hector
      love you sam!! dont be a stranger! your crazy janner friend
    11. LouisMcManus
      Sorry to hear this bud!
    12. Mickie
      Kinda sad, but I know I will be seeing you ..... so all is good :)
    13. Shorty
      I will copy what I said to Bullseye as It's kinda still relevant. It's still sad to see so many original guys who help build KG's structure to become what it is today slowly get further away from the clan itself. I know it would happen at some point but the last week has been very hard for me to see. I have seen the ups and defiantly the downs of KG. I hope we carry on KG in a way that everyone is still proud to say they are apart of. With some new and old faces alike. Don't be a stranger in the future and all the best. The additional bit I would like to say is I know I was hard on you at time but I hope you realise why I did it.
    14. Boston Broiler
      Boston Broiler
      Accidental dislike, good luck with everything!
    15. r33m3r
      Thnx Sam for your dedication to KG :) And recruiting me ofc :D