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By Sombrero G on Dec 29, 2014 at 1:45 PM
  1. Sombrero G

    Sombrero G Veteran Member

    Oct 29, 2014
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    Hey ladies and gents, as most of you know we had a meeting last night about the DayZ section. We was discussing on alot of ways on how to make this section alive again to how it was, and we have been putting alot of thought in to our last decision.

    I am going to write some things down on what we have been doing in the past week.

    First of all we have been making sure that the threads are bumped every single day, so the section gets recruitment more often then it has been. Second of all we have been making more events to show every one how fun the actual game is as some people dont think of it as a real motivated game during alpha stages, 'Which is not true' there is alot more to this game then alot of people think. i will be posting a Video underneath on what DayZ brings to gamers and what else is going to be installed/updated juring the next year or so, to actually show you why its been voted BEST PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD 2013 AND ALOT MORE. Thirdly we have been streaming our DayZ events on Twitch in the past couple of days, which has brought a couple of people to the DayZ section, which im proud to say that FIZZY is doing a grand job in advertising KG as a whole on Twitch.

    Moving on to the last part of this message.

    What our final decison actually was to making the DayZ section see threw its full protential was that we was going to open our very own DayZ Server Which would help out with alot more advertising for the KG as well as the DayZ section. What we are doing now is looking around for the best server that fits our needs.

    We are hoping to have our server up by the end of this week with every think ironed out and all set for the public and all KG members.

    And to anyone that plays DayZ in our community please Pop down to the DayZ section and join in our Events aswell as just mingling. We welcome every person that knows how to play to little experience which we all strive to help new DayZ players out.


    Regards Sombrero G


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by Sombrero G, Dec 29, 2014.

    1. Qubycs
      If I ever buy the game one day I will be more than happy to join in on all the events :)!
      Good luck from me atleast!

    2. Sean
      Appreciate the message and explanation :)

      Keep it up and let us know if you all need anything.

    3. Venum
      I used to be part of a Dayz community when i played the arma mod, i just never really got round to paying for the standalone i wish Gabe would put more than a 15% sale on it!

      Such a awesome game if it does get reduced in the sale i will be buying it (again) :p
    4. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      I have both the Standalone and the Arma 2 mod... I kinda like the arma 2 mod more but I suck at the game im good at finding shit but when i need to kill someone im horrible xD I'm too friendly i never shoot on sight :( and apparently never learn from my mistake either (since ive died about 60 times by now) lol :D Good luck sombrero! :D
    5. Navaeh
      I will try and get a few mates of mine to sign up for KG and i will definitely be playing on the server when live.
    6. Shorty
      The amount of cool event ideas you can come up with its pretty insane. Best of luck and will try to attend some in the future!
    7. Boston Broiler
      Boston Broiler
      Good luck sorry I missed the meeting :3
    8. Ravey
      Good luck guys, Dayz is one of the games that once you can get a good server going then the players and members will just flock in..

      I know that the mod used to have a lot of issues wiuth scripting and hacking... I'm not sure if that's still a problem on the standalone...
    9. Sombrero G
      Sombrero G
      As far as the hacking goes, that part is out of our hands. the only thing we can do is ban them from the server. as with the scipting it should be straight forward, most of the time it will tell you via the console or FTP