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By ISY on Jul 21, 2014 at 10:22 PM
  1. ISY

    ISY Banned

    Dec 6, 2014
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    I've setup a Moderator for the Teamspeak3 to further our efforts in becoming a more stable & secure community, what with the recent actions taken by certain users, I have had to disable most features on Teamspeak3 & the forums, With this some of said features can be re-enabled

    Who can control the Bot? Right now Myself & Matt/Syerate, as there is a lot of development that still needs to be done, as I've taken an existing code that had been left, and what with the updates to TS3 has become unreliable, however the features I have enabled as of this moment are more than effective & secure.

    What commands are available?

    Well overall there are roughly 40 Commands, However there are only commands Relevant to each Group, most of which have none, the only ones that are publicly available at this time are !lastseen & !Welcome test, however the full list is as follows

    !lastseen <search string>
    !Welcome test
    !botcfghelp [config key]
    !botcfgget <config key>
    !botcfgset <config key> = <config value>
    !botjoinchannel <channel id>
    !clientsearch <nickname>
    !getChannelID [channel id or channel name]
    !listinactivechannels [channel id or channel name]
    !listinactiveclients <minimum days inactive>
    !msgchannelgroup <channelgroup id> <message>
    !msgservergroup <servergroup id> <message>
    !removechannelgroups <client database id>
    !searchip <ip address>
    !setchannelgroup <client database id> <channel group id> <channel list separated with comma>
    !setchannelname <channel id> <new channel name>
    !botinstancestart <name>
    !botinstancestop <name>

    Just bearing in mind you only have access to the first 2

    What does our bot do?

    Well it's currently covering Advertisement to the main lobby, Automatically moving Moderators/Leaders/Officers/Technicians/Media to their respected TS3 Channels, It's automatically moving anyone that has been afk for 30 Minutes to the afk channel, by 30 Minutes it means you have not spoken or done anything on ts3 for that amount of time, this ofcourse has exceptions, which are the Leaders/Officers/Tech rooms, and the "Silent" rooms, Idle check, it does the same as above, however it covers the "Away" button, "Lastseen" which is a command that can be run from the main lobby, and will show when a user last connected or if they are currently offline, ex. !lastseen Reamer, Response:
    <22:18:46> "KonvictModerator": Found 2 entries in the database:
    Reamer was last seen at 2014-03-08 22:55:18
    Reamer was last seen at 2014-07-21 20:49:40

    & Last but not least, a welcome message to Guests & A "Welcome back" to normal members.

    This is obviously a work in progress & will have some bugs.


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by ISY, Jul 21, 2014.

    1. Innocent
      Looks nice and explains why we were moved around :p
    2. ISY
      If people can't get use to it & issues keep arising, i will remove it :), sort of a trial & error thing
    3. JAMEZ
      Seems good to me so far, nice work <3
    4. Innocent
      Has an issue with the CS:GO silent channels (solo queue and probably ESEA/Faceit as well). It still moves people to afk after 30 minutes even though you can't talk in the room.
    5. Pizza Dog
      Pizza Dog
      Very nice work! This will be interesting to see it work.
    6. Shield1739
      This sound awesome, GOOD JOB ISY!
    7. ISY
      Seems to be a missing variable in away#class I'll have to look at it tomorrow as I'm not at home at the moment, once Im back I'll have a look ;)
    8. James
      very good job, i was going to suggest a bot of some sort :p
    9. Bragoon
      Yeah this quite frustrating when I'm in the silent room or just listening to people talk and I get moved to afk :'(
    10. Shorty
      Guys lets take into consideration his first post which says its a trial and error thing and everything isn't working perfectly. Lets give it some time and if it doesn't work it can easily be removed.
    11. Bragoon
      Just reporting some concerns ;)

      He knows we all think he does a fantastic job and I have complete faith this system will work completely fine soon.

      Edit: It moved me direct to the FFXIV mod room as soon as I joined TS. I bloody love this bot.
    12. ISY
      Bot should now ignore all Silent & DND, channels, also made sure its properly acknowledging AWAY Users, as, i noticed it moving on the 25 mark for some reason.

    13. ISY
      Hehe, one of the better features <3

    14. ISY
      After a chat with Shorty, I've increased the AFK Timer to 60 Minutes, up from 30.

    15. Shield1739
      I don't like getting moved D:
      (when I join teamspeak, I like the AFK feature)
    16. KuKi
      +1 for awesome awesomeness and ISYs tits in skype... i mean bot features on TS. yea, they are interesting.
      (keep the fantastic job)
    17. ISY

      I've added a new feature that Moderates guests, when a guest joins Teamspeak3 it will keep an eye on them, if they join an Application channel, it will inform them that there are X Staff members online for that section & that help will be with them shortly, If none are online it will ask them to wait.

      A PM Will be sent when a staff member is online & a guest joins their games channel, informing them that the application needs to be processed

      All messages are section related, you will NOT receive a message for a section you do not moderate, unless you are a part of the floating mod team, in which expect spam o.o

      <19:32:44> "KonvictModerator": A User Brother (DB ID: 25524) has joined the CS:GO-Applications Channel, if you are a moderator for this section, please see to this application, if not disregard this message.

    18. Merovignian
    19. Shield1739

      That is BADASS ISY.