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By Boston Broiler on Dec 27, 2014 at 7:46 PM
  1. Boston Broiler

    Dec 31, 2013
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    Konvict Gaming is going to be getting a Grand Theft Auto V (Five) section hopefully within the next few weeks when we get closer to the release date which is now set at January 27th 2015, this has now been confirmed by Rockstar and they have apologised for the past two delays and have given their reasons and are sticking by this date.

    Currently I am working on getting everything ready so we can have this section up and going and start doing some recruitment closer to the time, everything so far is mostly in place and recruitment posts have been placed on a few sites trying to bring some members in who play Grand Theft Auto 4 or have interest in joining a community for Grand Theft Auto V so far we have received a few responses and it has only been a few days so It will hopefully attract a lot of attention and will potentially be a strong section within Konvict Gaming.

    If there are any members in Konvict Gaming who are interested in this game who will be pre-ordering this game and buying it please let me know and we can get you set up in the Konvict Gaming Rockstar group as well as the KG:GTA Steam group! Please feel free to invite your friends to join Konvict Gaming if they are anticipating this game, have them apply as community members for now, we hope to be running in house events for our community which will hopefully involve in game prizes, the links to the Steam and Rockstar groups are below.

    Steam Group
    RockStar Crew

    This game will be available via Steam but has not been put up for pre-order as of yet, although the game hub for Grand Theft Auto V is available with information about the game and notes from Steam community members, the specifications for running this game have yet to be released as the game is technically still being developed and is in its final stages with the requirements being released very soon, this is due to some tweaks which were made for the PS4/Xbox One versions being ported to PC and tested etc.

    This launch will be shortly after the GTA V long awaited Heists game play so hopefully will be bringing back a lot of players who have completed the game and have been waiting for more material (Rockstar claims a minimum of 20 hours to complete per role) to be released this is something I hope to be going through with Konvict Gaming members as it will be team based content for four players at a time and once I have ported everything over from my console account we should be set to go on launch day! This is another feature they have no confirmed, if you have NOT ported your in game character/stats to PS4/Xbox One yet you may port everything over onto your PC version of the game which dependant on whether you wanted to start over fresh or not will give you an advantage/good start to the PC launch which is what I am planning on doing.



    If anyone would like to be involved in helping to grow this section, please PM me via the forums! Would be great to see how many of you guys are planning to get this game!​


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