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Konvict Gaming Clan Rules

Discussion in 'Konvict Gaming Core Rules' started by Paz, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Paz

    Paz Clan Leader

    Jul 9, 2013
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    Code of Conduct
    1. Discord
      - Discord must be used at all times when you are in game with fellow clan members or playing on the clans servers. Discord is a free program that you can find at their site.
      [If you have a problem with this please state your reasons to the management.]
    2. Be respectful
      The following are not permitted anywhere on our forums, game or voice servers.
      - No racism or sexism. At no point in time is this acceptable. For more information please read Our Clear Stance On Racism + Sexual Harrassment thread.
      - Be polite, respectful and appropriate in game, on forums, TeamSpeak and anywhere you represent the community. That means no raging, trolling, harassment, flaming or abuse.
      - If you don't give other people respect, you should not expect any in return.
      - Threatening, blackmailing or systematic bullying will not be tolerated.
    3. TED/Feedback information is confidential
      - Trials feedback is confidential, it is prohibited to tell the trials about their or any other trial TED information.
      - This rule also applies for Moderator/Mod Leader/Supervisor Trial.
    4. No Griefing
      - Self explanatory. Any type of griefing (destroying/sabotaging) will not be tolerated.
    5. No Cheating/Hacking!
      - If you are caught Cheating/hacking you will be removed instantly!
      - If you suspect someone of cheating and/or exploiting contact the management.
      - Do not accuse others of hacking/exploiting publicly. No need to make it dramatic.
    6. Posting screamer or inappropriate links is forbidden
      - Screamer links can have a serious effect on those with Epilepsy or heart conditions.
    7. No buying/selling accounts within Konvict Gaming
      We do not condone Buying or Selling Accounts on our platforms (KG Website/Forum and TeamSpeak). If you buy or sell accounts outside of KG platforms, it is frowned upon by management, however would fall in line with all parts of Rule 8 in this list of clan rules (Outside of KG) .
    8. Account sharing is strictly prohibited
      Account sharing is not permitted, whether ingame or your website account.
      This is to protect your security and we request that passwords are not shared, and your accounts are kept secure.
      This is heightened for anyone in a position of staff, you will be demoted immediately, and may be banned depending on the circumstances.
    9. Outside of KG
      - If you give out any personal details, account details, social media information etc. you do so at your own risk. KG management will not get involved in any issues which happen because of any of the above.
      - Any issues which take part between KG members outside of the KG forum and Discord will not be dealt with by Konvict Gaming staff.
      - If you're a part of other online communities, you are still more than welcome to apply for membership here! However, please be aware that "poaching" (i.e. attempting to get KG members or staff to leave this community to join your own) will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the community.
    10. Problems with a fellow clan member
      - Do not take direct action as you will only put yourself in trouble.
      - If you have a complaint about a member. DO NOT make a thread in the forums about the issue, instead contact a Moderator (or above) in Discord and explain the issue.
      - Any problems with fellow clan members concerning rule 7, management will have the response of Rule 8 in this matter as long as it was not on a KG Platform.
    11. Disclaimer
      - Rules are subject to change and modification without prior notice
    12. Doxing or similar
      - Doxing or otherwise revealing the private information of members will not be tolerated.
    Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

    We have a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination against race, sex, religion, ability or values. Our community is home to people from all, and everyone should feel welcome here.
    In your part of the world, language like this may be used in day to day conversation. It is unacceptable to use it here and it is up to you to be aware what is and what is not appropriate.

    If you use this kind of language within the community, be aware that you will be removed without further warning.

    Thank you for showing an interest in Konvict Gaming. We wish you the best of luck with your trial!
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  2. Hector

    Hector Technician + Clan Leader
    Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2013
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    Game Ban and VAC Ban Clarification

    If you are banned permantly from a game we support via it being a VAC ban or a permanent game ban, you will be banned from kg for breaking the zero tollerance to cheating (rule 5)

    You will not be allowed to join if you have or have ever had a banned account on a game we support.

    This rule is not retroactive, and anyone who joined before will not be punished by the change in rule, assuming no more bans are collected.
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