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By Enrique on Jan 5, 2015 at 10:11 AM
  1. Enrique

    Enrique The Lost Cloud

    Mar 30, 2014
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    Looking for somewhere you can listen to good music, and play music you like? Join the PLUG.DJ room!

    Yo! Right now I'm hosting a plug.dj room for KG (and other people outside of KG) to use!
    Hopefully, this will be the official KG room that all the people who's in KG can join in if they are ever looking for some place where they can both play music, and listen to it~

    For you who's not familiar with plug.dj, it's basicly a place where you can chat, listen to music and also play your song after waiting on a waitlist for your turn. You can also WOOT, meaning you like the song. STAR, meaning that you will put the song playing in one of your playlist. And MEH, meaning you dislike the song. With this, it will be an awesome experience to just watch all of us enjoying music together :p

    But with these kind of possibilities, there will be rules to follow. Hopefully we can all accept these to have a good time together ^^

    - Respect eachother
    - Only english in the room.
    - The song can't be over 8 min long, other people wants to play their music.
    - No spamming, pointless to do that.
    - Songs that has been played can't be played again until after 5 hours.
    - No complaining on the music (Unless it's inappropriate).
    (I'll keep this updated when we get there.)

    Also, EDM * is the genre that we prefer hearing in the room. Other than that, you will be able to play whatever you want. But, if the music get a lot of MEH's, we will skip the song.
    *(If you don't know what EDM is, click on it above and it will restrict you to a page explaining.)

    So what are you waiting for? >>JOIN<< now!

    Here's the people that will manage the room. :)

    - Romeo

    - Sonnikid

    - Ayhn
    - Freedom522

    Resident DJ:
    - Obly
    - valentinouno
    - Dartiser
    - Adversed

    (Also, we are looking for people acceptable to be bouncer's! So if you are willing to, hit me up with a PM filling in this!):

    Bouncer Application:

    Plug DJ Name:
    Forum Name:
    Time Spent in plug.dj room:
    Favourite EDM Genre:
    Reason for application:
    Why would you be a good bouncer?:

    Bouncer Guidelines:

    Homophobia, Racism or general abusiveness: Permanent ban
    Spamming chat: Temporary ban (Up to 24hrs)
    Troll Songs/Videos (Non-songs): Force skip, Temp Ban for repeat offenders (Up to week)
    Playing out of Genre songs: Force skip, Temp Ban for repeat offenders (Up to 24hrs)
    Pressing Meh without listening to song (All the time): Up to 24hr ban
    Linking Offensive stuff in chat: Up to permaban


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