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By LaurenJuliet on Nov 8, 2017 at 3:22 PM
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    Jul 29, 2013
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    Ho ho ho everyone!

    We're super excited to bring back SECRET SANTA for this year!

    We had an brilliant time last year and wanted to try and make things a little bit more organised so that everyone can get the most out of it this time around. You might think it's still a little early but at the time of posting there are only 47 days left until Christmas. I'm serious.

    This event is open to all Members and above. If you're still on trial, unfortunately you won't be able to participate until you have passed your trial so please hold off on filling in the application until then.

    If you've never heard of Secret Santa, the clue is in the name. You get a present from someone (a secret someone) and you in turn gift secretly to another. Here's how we do it:​
    • You fill out this application - Application form
    • You get randomly shuffled around and receive a persons name and all the information you'll need to buy them a gift you think they'd enjoy (we will try to give you someone close to you to avoid high postage price if you want to send a real gift)!
    • You then buy a gift for your person! It can be ingame stuff or a real item if they've provided their address.
    • You'll also receive a gift from your Secret Santa!
    We will be leaving applications OPEN until the 30th of November.
    Current status: >>> CLOSED <<<

    At this time we will be doing the shuffling and will EMAIL/PM you with your assigned persons contact information.
    This should be concluded by the 30th at midnight so make sure to check your email at this time!

    You don't have to provide your address if you're not comfortable with it, that's perfectly fine.
    You also don't have to provide someone with a real life gift just because they've provided their address.

    We're putting a cap of approximately
    10€ OR £10 OR $10
    on the gifts so that everyone gets roughly what they give out.
    This doesn't include postage and packaging however.

    Please note the following

    Please remember if you buy anything breakable as your Secret Santa present to mark it as Fragile!
    Please do not send inappropriate gifts to your recipient, if you do you risk being excluded from all following seasonal events
    If you enter an application but do not follow through with sending a gift we will also exclude you from following seasonal events for ruining the spirit of the event. (For being a dick)

    If you participate you will receive a Present icon on TeamSpeak until the New Year!​


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