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By Overdose on Aug 25, 2014 at 2:43 PM
  1. Overdose

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    Sep 16, 2013
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    From meeting everyone for the first time to falling asleep on hay bail (according to Shorty) i loved Insomnia 52. Everyone i met was awesome and we all had a good laugh (i hope xD). Anyway i'll go threw a few things i enjoyed if you just came to see the pictures of the lovely people and the vids probably best to check in later and not to read my rambling :p vids and pics are here: http://konvictgaming.com/showthread.php?24605-Insomnia-vids-and-pics&p=124250#post124250

    My favorite part:
    Saturday night would have been my best time of the whole event even though i don't remember parts. Saturday night was the Pub Quiz and oh my lord it wasn't what i expected. It was awesome, funny, great music and people and also during the Pub Quiz was ofc when the drinking began (will be pics and vids of the event). When the drinking begins apparently Dave turns into Slash with a air guitar during Bohemian Rhapsody ( WISH I RECORDED IT HE WAS AWESOME!). After the Quiz we all went down to the Bar and it was just great really we where meeting loads of people... Some interesting people (Charlie Tran xD). But yea some of you saw me on TS that night apparently and i apologize if i did anything stupid... xD

    The KG lot:
    I met some new faces and old, i really enjoyed putting faces to the voices and the person I'd never even heard who i enjoyed meeting the most was probably Nightmare (such a nice guy xD). I did actually play a bit of CS:GO at a tourney but apparently I'm a tad shit so i didn't win :'(. ANYWAY i really enjoyed meeting all the guys and met some new friends and hope you all go to the next one!

    If any of you are thinking of coming to one of these events in the future i couldn't recommend it more.
    OH! and massive thank you to Beth for sorting it all out! not enough appreciation was given to her work but you did an awesome job <3


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