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HotS CoC

Discussion in 'HotS Rules' started by Hector, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. Hector

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    Aug 17, 2013
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    1. You always have to be on TeamSpeak when playing with other community members.
    -This is to show the activity in the section which will make the TeamSpeak more inviting to our new members.

    2. Everybody needs to follow the Terms of Service and rules for Heroes of the Storm and Blizzard.
    -Their rules are our rules.

    3. No ragequitting allowed!

    -Members who ragequit or intentionally feed in order to lose a game, will receive a warning

    4. Team Channels
    -They are not AFK Channels/Chill out rooms, please do not sit in them while being afk/socializing.

    5. AFKing in the Section
    -Do not AFK for long periods of time (20+ Mins ) in the section. There is an AFK section on the bottem of teamspeak. If you click your Global Away Status on the top left of teamspeak it will auto move you.

    6. Music in Channels
    -Do not play Music ether through Music bots or through your Mic in the Hots Social Room.

    7. Your name in Teamspeak.
    -Your name in Teamspeak must match the name used on the website. 2 Ez
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