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By Ravey on Dec 17, 2014 at 10:40 AM
  1. Ravey

    Ravey Here to Help :)

    Dec 10, 2013
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    Hi all

    Ok the title fibs a little. We don't have an official section for HotS just but we will. SOON(tm)

    To help things along Id just like to ask that if you are currently involved in the Alpha then please head down to our Teamspeak channel. It's at the very bottom of the TS client (no not the afk channel, that's too far)

    We are in Other Games under group 7.

    Once we have a regular group of players we can start getting a proper section added to the website :)

    I would also like to thank Lauren, KG Predetor and Eresea for all the helpful advice and support they have offered so far :)

    If anyone else would like to be added to this list then please let me know or leave a post :)

    Recruiting threads. Please support the recruiting process by chatting in the threads :)

    EDIT: Here are our recruitment posts guys, please help out and bump them! :D Thank you!



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Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by Ravey, Dec 17, 2014.

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    1. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      Can also add - Those of you who have joined KG for HotS and are now on trial for it... If you have any friends who are looking for a nice community and are playing HotS (or any other game for that matter) try to recruit them as well! The more members we get, the faster we can get a section going. So if you're playing with someone nice in the alpha, tell them to apply! :) Also the recruitment post that we have up at the moment on the HotS forums, will be updated very soon with more info about the community in general and also how to apply to the HotS section :)

      Ravey, I'm happy to help :)
    2. valentinouno
      Actually that abbreviation of Heroes of the Storm (HotS) always catches me. I use that abbreviation for Starcraft 2's last edition, titled "Heart of the Swarm".
      Other than that, how do you get into Heroes of the Storm Alpha?
    3. Ravey
      Yeah the Abbrieviation catches everyone at first lol (that's laugh out loud not league of legends)

      As for getting an invite first you need to login to battle.net go to your account section and tick all the boxes in the beta invite section.

      Then you just need a bit of luck to get an invite. The Game goes into closed Beta on January 15th and thier will be another wave of invites sent out. So make sure you are set up for Beta Access as soon as possible.

      You can also go to the main website for HotS and click the big SIGN UP FOR BETA button on the home page.
    4. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      I completely understand and I will be sure to write our Heroes of the Storm in the recruit message xD stupid blizzard making same abbrivation for 2 games... #fail ^^ what were they thinking xD

      Ravey...maybe i should check if im in the alpha...i saw some heroes of the storm thing on my bnet acc the other day but i never paid attention to what it was saying rofl..
    5. tech 5
      tech 5
      Happy to help mate - come and ask if you need anything :D
    6. Boston Broiler
    7. Evar
      Just to add its January the 13th, not 15th :p
    8. Tech 4
    9. Venum
      I play it, but when i do its only for like a hour at a time. Goodluck with the section if u need any help just let me know.
    10. Ravey
      cheers me dears
    11. ErKy
      Hey there guys im a new trial member, just aplied today to join you guys, to play some HotS and get fun together.

      I usually play from 14:00pm Gmt+1 until late at night, my main roles are ranged assasin , support and i also like to play any tanky champ like Stitches, ETC and such.

      See ya in the battlegrounds ! :ciao:
    12. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      Sounds cool Erky I am going to dl the client tomorrow i have no idea if that means that i also got invited though..guess ill notice.. if i did get inv ill be up for a game xD however i have nooooo idea how the game works haha ;D so if u dont mind playing with a COMPLETE noob...gimme a poke on ts sometime xD
    13. Luin
      Have DL it already and tried it little .. looks fun.
    14. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      Feel free to pop down to us in the "other games" section and have a game with the new trialists and our members! They will need all the feedback they can get their hands on ^^
    15. Ravey
      Eresea. If the client has The Heroes of the storm logo on the left hand side along with the other blizzard games it could mean you already have access.

      It's interesting that there seems to be a fair few members that have access. I Suspect it's not just coincidence. I wouldn't be surprised if blizzard secretly scan forums like ours and take note of those people that play thier games.
    16. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      Check page one. I put up a screenshot of my bnet account xD is that what u meant? ^^
    17. Ravey
      Hmm that's a bit odd. When I use that link Eresea it forces my iPhone into the AppStore!

      From what I could tell that wasn't what I was thinking of. BUT if your blizzard account in the management section is showing you have HotS then you should definitely be able to play.

      You can also email blizzard support and ask them to verify if you have access. It might take them a while to reply but they can check your account and give you an answer :)
    18. Tech 4
      Tech 4
      Yeah i think ill check when i get home and will notice ^^ hehe would be fun :p
    19. Evar
      If you have it to download then it means you have access, same thing happened to me. i didn't get an email or anything, just when i randomly went on to play some diablo 3 i noticed it sitting there waiting to be downloaded .. no idea how long it was there for before i noticed :)
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