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By ISY on Jun 1, 2014 at 9:58 PM
  1. ISY

    ISY Banned

    Dec 6, 2014
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    After the initial thoughts of just re-vamping a few things early hours of this morning, what seemed to look like a simple update, ended up in me sitting at my computer for 15 Hours straight re-building the website from scratch & salvaging what parts of the Database i could...

    Salvaged -
    • Streams
    • Forms / Applications
    • Posts/Threads
    • Mostly all Images / Signatures/Avatars/Thumbnails/Attachments (Some may still be missing & will forever be lost)
    • Roster
    • Affiliates
    • Sections
    • Links
    • Award IMAGES - Not the system
    • Groups
    • Private messages
    • Settings
    • Comments
    • Profile Pics

    Lost -
    • Awards...It was the only thing i couldn't get back >.<, so at some point i will need to re-add everyone to it manually...so until that time, it's currently unavailable

    Completed -
    • MYSQL > Website > Cloudflare ddos protection, enabled several scripts which should add increased protection to 40+gb attacks
    • Core leaks
    • DB Corruption
    • Vanishing Links/Pages/Admincp/Attachments/Images/Text in threads/posts

    Added -
    • Added a new theme "Blue"
    • Added a new Thanks system
    • Added Text colouring per rank to the "Blue" Theme so Red is normal.

    Removed -

    • Postbit data for League/steam/origin etc, etc Names

    Time spent - 15 Hours 31 Minutes brb need food.


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by ISY, Jun 1, 2014.

    1. Shield1739


    2. ISY
      If you find any bugs post in here or PM me please :cool:
    3. Adversed
      15 hours wow. Can't even imagine how difficult everything you did was (I have much respect for people who are good with coding and such). Great job :)
    4. Pizza Dog
      Pizza Dog
      Great work! Such dedication to the forums ^_^
    5. Ario
      Great work ISY!
    6. Jonas
      Well done man!

      Also this;
      Lost -
      Awards...It was the only thing i couldn't get back >.<, so at some point i will need to re-add everyone to it manually...so until that time, it's currently unavailable

      - Do you have records of who had what awards? :)
    7. ISY
      I have a full backup of the Database & Files/folders, so all i need to do is push it to my dev server & i can see it all, just guna rest a bit xD
    8. Dawn
      good fucking job!
      food well deserved :D
    9. Rolexx
      goodjob man!, I know how it feels working 10+hours on a site trying to recover everything, been there..
    10. Sean
      Thanks for the hard work ISY.

      One thing I've noticed for me is when I go to the main page of the website, i click forum tab and it just keeps me on the main page. I am using FireFox so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Am I the only one this is happening to?

      When I open it with Internet explorer, it takes me to the Forums though.
    11. ISY
      Not quite sure i get this...can you send me a pm explaining in full detail how you got this? pictures pref o.o
    12. Sean
      Seems to be working now after I've restarted. If it happens again, ill get some screenshots for ya.
    13. Jpl187/Joe
      Thank you for working so long to get our forums up. Hope you sleep well
    14. Salih
      Maybe stupid question, but i just came back from work 2 days straight. What happened? Did the server crash and we loose the website? Or how did everything suddenly dissapear? Can anyone update me?

      But still good job mate! My respect and thanks from everyone for bringing it back online:)!
      Well done!
    15. Venum
      Good job man! 15hours tho DAMN!
    16. Loss Prevented
      Loss Prevented
      Good work - Awards are only material things as long as we can all come here and post still =D
    17. Critz
      Thank you!
    18. Fatalsytnaxerror
      Maximum love for you ISY. Insane work!
    19. TheSoul
      wow dude,thanks a lot
      i watched your stream for like 30min then i leaved,idk how u could stay 15 hours for that