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DayZ Konvict Public Server - Guidelines & Information

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Diowa, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. Diowa

    Diowa Konvict Guest

    Jul 14, 2013
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    DayZ Server Public Server - Guidelines and Information

    The Konvict DayZ server can be found at or by searching konvictgaming.co.uk on DayZCommander

    Konvict members are friendly and most will not shoot on sight unless you have been hostile towards the clan or have taken items or vehicles from the clan. Players found around the clan base will be shot if they don’t have permission to be there.

    Players are asked to abide by the following rules:

    • No side chat
    • No abusive language or obscene player names (be friendly)
    • No hacking, glitching or duplicating items
    • No advertising in-game

    If you are interested in joining Konvict Gaming, you’re welcome to join our teamspeak server on
    It is required you add [Guest] next to your teamspeak username.

    To join Konvict Gaming please fill out an application form
  2. Blyth

    Blyth Man of Many Blocks

    Jul 15, 2013
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    Rules for the DayZ Konvict Gaming server are as follows:

    1) If you're playing on the server, you need to be on TeamSpeak.

    2) When you're in game, remember that you are part of Konvict Gaming and should represent the clan in a positive and appropriate manner.

    3) No chat, harassment, bullying or swearing of any kind over in-game chat.

    4) Be respectful to all players - both clan and non-clan.

    5) No voice communications in side chat. Random players will be made aware of this.

    6) Please don't horde cars truck bike or helicopter, 2 cars/trucks per person, and one helicopter per small group is enough. (There is not enough to go around so we have to share.)

    7) Claiming cars, trucks and bikes!. Whilst the taking of unlocked vehicles and looting gear from vehicles is fine, the destruction of locked vehicles at peoples bases is not permitted, steal the gear but leave them be. Even if the vehicle is parked in an obvious place loot it but don’t destroy it.

    Rules of Engagement are also being implemented.

    If you see a random, unknown player or fellow clan member on the clan server, you can shoot on sight.
    I simply ask that you show respect towards other players and don’t automatically kill fresh spawns on the coast. Let’s not turn this into COD:Chernarus eh.

    As far as any team elements are concerned they are all entirely unofficial. You are completely liable for any lost loot or deaths that occur for trying to team with others. To this end only team with those you COMPLETELY trust. The zombie apocalypse can make monsters of us all.

    There is nothing I or any Mod can do if someone betrays you, AS LONG AS THEY ABIDE BY ALL THE RULES OUTLINED ABOVE. If you are going to betray someone, don’t be a dick about it, if you are betrayed refer to rules 3 and 4 above, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

    Finally can everyone use unique in-game names so that in the event that an issue arises people can be easily identified, I for instance will roll with either Blyth or KG|Blyth. If this presents a problem then we can implement an ISS style in-game name post to keep track.

    A note on Base raiding

    As stated already the destruction of player built bases is absolutely prohibited along with any locked vehicles in its vicinity or inside it. If a vehicle has been left unlocked or a door left open then it can be looted, or taken in the case of the vehicle, as a punishment for carelessness. (Further to this please don’t routinely raid or camp at a players base, that won’t be fun for anybody, sporadic raiding parties will add to the tension, constant raids will become a chore)

    Breaking any of the rules outlined above is unacceptable and if players are caught playing in this way they will be issued with a warning. Any repeat offenders will be banned.

    Cheers and happy hunting
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