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By Hector on Apr 27, 2014 at 8:37 PM
  1. Hector

    Hector Technician + Clan Leader
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    Aug 17, 2013
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    I never thought i would have to do this, but I'm afraid The rust section is closing. In a nutshell. It has been my "baby" since it was created and i have met some fantastic people along my way but all good things have to come to an end.

    Garry himself (the creator of the game) has closed our recruitment thread which was the main source of our recruits, and the moderators will not unlock it. not only that i checked the stats for players online and on the
    22nd of april 2014 there was roughly 16k people online, down from 58k 2 months ago. People are leaving the game and with them re coding huge chunks of the base game code with no sound of a content update, i will expect this number to drop even more. 16k players on about 9000 servers is over diluted. (equals 1.7 players per server)
    There is no timeframe for how long this will take and from officers experience from other games this could take a very long time.
    I had a chat with paz and a few of the officers and all of them agreed with me rust is a dieing game, and if the section was to close it will be really hard to resurrect.
    We cannot recruit for it anymore so rust, is gonig to become a any other game again.

    I would like to thank the clan leaders for giving me a chance to start a section. I would also like to thank all my previous moderators for helping out - muffin, kezma, jarnu, jonesydeath. You all helped me through good and bad times and i appreciate all your effort.

    Would also like to thank the members that helped to try and populate our konvict gaming server, it hit off a couple of times but always ended up quiet.

    This game is going no where fast in the short run but i expect huge things in the future.

    But for now, i will not pay for the server as its empty. so this will shut down. These rust forum section will be removed and i have politely asked for a rust team speak room for the any other games section so the members that still play can have somewhere to go.

    See you all around where ever i will end up :)


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by Hector, Apr 27, 2014.

    1. Paz
      Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into it fella. It's a shame but as you said "all things have to come to and end" sonne or later.
    2. Jonesydeath
      Its a shame because the game had so much potential at the start of the year but now its lost its players to some really big and good games (titanfall, eso, war thunder ground assult etc) so its even unlikely many will return for much more then a glance.

      I will be playing rust again when the updates come so come and join me then, until the youll probs most likely find me in the LOL section as ive started to get back into it... bit of a noob still tho.

      Many thanks go to the members that have made it so enjoyable and thank you hector for giving me a chance to experience it all and to help moderate it.
    3. Hector
      KG Hector posted:
      hi swe

      just noticed our recruitment thread is locked again, not sure why but could you re open it for me please? we did not spam the thread and there is good content in there


      thanks again

      Hey, I'm afraid I can't help you this time. If you click on the tiny button at the left bottom of your post you can see that it was garry himself that closed the thread. I'm guessing he doesn't want anymore recruitment threads maybe.

      was the message i got form the moderator
    4. Sykozen
      Kinda saw it coming, still have hope for this game but atm it's just not worth it. Anyway, I guess the Rust people aren't going anywhere. I've been playing DayZ Mod these past few days and I'll probably stick to it for now
    5. Hector
      Don't get me wrong, this will not effect the people that do still play rust, the only difference is that it is not a supported game anymore. You will be free to play with other people when ever you want. There is a rust room in any other games for you to use, he rust section on ts will be removed soon. A kg member of rust is a kg member of everything, you are free to play in any other section!
    6. Jonas
      Sad to hear man. I thought you were doing well!
      Lets play some league some time tho ;)
    7. Acordeon
      I believe it to be a big mistake and a missed oportunity. Later on, as updates will come people will come back,but with the rust section closed, when those people will want to play rust again, where will they go? Met alot of awesome people, but i guess if this choise has been made, there is no going back. And as there is no going back, i will not look behind either. Best off luck Hector & Co.
    8. Azarela
      Sad to see the game die down like this but sometimes it happens. You've done a great job though regardless!! :)

      There would always be space for them in the other games section. :)
    9. Hector
      this will not change anything to the current players, you can still play with the guys but only difference is that rust is not a supprted game for now, it is a any other game. The game has gotten really quiet and until such times as the game is released or out of alpha it iwll continue to be quiet.
    10. Warhorse
      I'm disappointed to see this happen. Although I agree completely with the shutdown of the Rust server due to lack of activity even with extensive external advertisement. I do believe the closure of the Rust channel, which many KG members consistently used, to be premature. I know there are "Other Game" channels, I personally use it quite often, when playing non-supported games.

      Rust is not a dying game. No game maintains a high player count, especially in an alpha. I can say though, that since I've been playing Rust with the great people that I have been, that there has been no significant decline in players.

      But that's the thing, Rust is a 'supported' game. It is supported by our members who play the game, some more frequently than others. I believe that taking away the Rust channel will take away part of the community with it. There was no notable decline of activity in the TS, taking away the channel should in no way be related to the closure of the server. Those players no longer have their own place to speak and play together that feels comfortable. In putting the Rust players in the "Other Games" you made the players feel 'unsupported', I doubt we will move to the new channel.

      Perhaps you should involve supporting members of KG in your future decisions. This move was unnecessary, unwanted and has created a hole in the community.
    11. Hector
      If you looked at the people that applied for rust there's about 20-30 people that have passed their trial. Of those 20-30 there is only 5-6 active members playing(not including mods). Where have the other 20-24 players gone? I have not seen any of them since they passed the initial trial. When rust was first set up a lot of kg members bought it, we had 2 big groups playing on seperate servers. Since then they have all stopped. At the moment it is a game getting
      Really quiet. I'm sorry I did not include you guys more in the discussions but this is what moderators are for, to run the game. It was not like I just said close it down one morning. I had multiple discussions with officers and clan leaders. And this is our result. You was present at the meeting why did you not raise your concerns there? At the meeting I have everyone a week notice and still was only yourself and crazed duck that turnt up.
    12. Jonesydeath
      Activity has dropped from 300000 player peak to 10000 player peak and is still dropping... none of my steam friends play at all now.

      But it all boils down to the fact that the clan supports games to gain members and as the recruitment thread is now closed and moved to the bottom of the forums and it being the primary souce of recruitment the clan cant support the game anymore.

      As already this in no way stops any member playing it or asking in the chat box or forums for people to play it, if a member wants to play it they will look in the other games section for players.