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By ISY on Nov 9, 2014 at 2:54 PM
  1. ISY

    ISY Banned

    Dec 6, 2014
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    Over the past 2 weeks Myself & Syerate have struggled to keep the Website online due to the Sheer amount of Data that it takes up & the amount of Traffic it Generates

    In total our Website/Forums it's self is 2.3 Gigabytes
    In total we used 231 Gigabytes of Traffic last month
    We are at 76 Gigabytes of Traffic so far, in Comparison to last month at this point we were at 91 GB already

    Due to the amount of Data and space we use, It's quite hard for Myself & matt to keep things going endlessly without faults, i'm sure some of you have Noticed "issues" with the website over the past month or two, error pages, things disappearing, error messages with no text, missing threads/posts, timeouts, logging in not working, not being saved when logging in

    These issues are due to Data corruption, No ones fault, not even the Websites, it's just due to the stress at which the website is being Put through

    the Culprits: Roster, Awards, Twitch, Teamspeak

    Thse 4 Items cause 75% of the load it's self on the server, The roster taking a whacking 40% on it' own, 20% on Twitch, 10% on awards & 5% on teamspeak

    How does that get Tallied? Roster due to the amount of data it pulls directly from the Database/core files with a load of 3% content per 0.001 second, The awards isn't that bad, but it pulls 10% due to the amount of people that hold awards, whenever a page is loaded, awards are loaded as well, Twitch takes up 20%, but it's technically more than that due to the Amount of data/Query requests it's sends back & forth between us & the twitch API, not sure if many of you know how API Requests are handled, but it's not as simple as "request embed_video_konvictgaminghd", it runs a sequence of Algorithms to pickup each and every part of the video, it's status, It's info, It's encoding, its preview, it's audio coded & how it's security, it also picks up the chat & what game it's playing, viewers & title, Each of these requests get's loaded when the website is online, that's a near 99% uptime, which means the website is constantly sending information back/forth, We have been Banned from the KRAKEN api 3 times since we started using it due to flooding, I’ve had to modify the plugin to requests once per 2 hours....

    A lot of you as of late have given your Opinion on the Website, some blunt some stupid, calling it Shit, Some replying with simply "It's awful" "I don't like it", i like KG don't get me wrong, but sometimes you really aren't helping...we need ideas/suggestions not "i don't like it"

    Myself & Syerate work around the clock to try & keep the Website & forums online as best as possible, past countless DDOS Attacks, HTTP flooding & Endless amount of port attacks

    You take what myself & syerate do for Granted, How many of you visited the Website every day for the past year & told yourself it looks shit? because i know that's how i felt & i was the one that set it up

    The fact is the Website/Forums was only meant to be a temporary solution until we had a Website made for us, it's taken a lot longer than expected & we've been screwed around a lot, We've had 3 Designers/Coders quote us £3000+, two for £2000+ and one called BizHero for $1200 but wanted half up front no questions asked/previews/Milestones

    We dropped him & started searching again, Right now we have a definite Designed/Coder that is also a close friend of Hellsbadass who is Going to give us his Custom CMS he created & also design & code the Website/forums into it for us, Which means Come christmas, we should have a new Website, the Funds we need? $1200, we've spent $260 on a new vbulletin unfortunately which means we are lacking in Funds, however because it's Hellsbadass we have quite a bit of time in regards to Payment & the time frame, He has generously started working on previews & mockups for us, he also recently started working on a system with Hellsbadass known as "Otakuni.com" an Anime website that Uses a complete VB Rewrite with increased functions, Which is what we will be getting, But he's also working on a custom CMS for themselves, We've tried our best to make sure we get the Best that KG deserves & not waste it away with random people that we don't know/don't trust, but after talking with him for a few days i'm 100% confident in his Abilities & the fact he's willing to show previews/Sketches before hand & also a flexible payment system

    In regards to the current front page, I put it up due to the constant stress on the forum system, as everything was running through the forums, everything was being called by the forum, not the main website, this was mostly my fault as the technician, because of the features being requested I didn’t really care about the usage and stress it would put on the system, this is in no way the fault of the forums, or it's users, but its merely getting to the Point where we have to Many users/members making requests every day, we simply need to minimise the amount of usage the forums makes, making the Website it's self make custom requests, the forums it's self merely becoming a forum, the guy we are working with fully recognises what we are trying to achieve, And please only consider the current front page as temporary, We are working on it, but i needed to take some of the stress off of the forums i do apologise, But people that are talking behind my Back & calling my work shoddy & crap, i advise you stop, because i do this work for free now, the Initial payment i received to do everything was £20, i don’t know if Syerate gets paid, but i work for free from now on, even though I have a girlfriend who lives nearly 30 Miles away from me, Work & Game, i still find as much time as possible to Develop new things for KG, and setup partnerships with developers for other Products

    I'm in talks with the Developers of ts3musicbot.net to hold a Permanent license to allow us to Host up to 5 Bots for free as long as we Hold a Partnership Banner, Again with Ts3developers to host an up and coming Moderator bot, one that beats the crap out of mine that can also run through a forum/website

    I am trying my best to make sure KG keeps alive, and develop the way it needs to, without you guys and your donations we wouldn't have gotten this far, not even by a long shot, But we are all here for one Thing, To game, your donations are for us to move forwards & i can't thank you enough, it's because of you guys i can make sure KG has a new Website & forum hopefully before/on/after Christmas, So keep them coming

    Please don't take this as a Rant or a Rage thread, i'm making this to simply enlighten People of how much work & effort goes into the Website/forums & that we need CC, not just "it's shit" "i don't like it" if you had taken the time to Read the actual thread about the front website, you would see why i had done it already.

    Thank you for taking the time to Read this thread...I know it's not easy, but this is for the Future of KonvictGaming


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by ISY, Nov 9, 2014.

    1. Hellsbadass
      As ISY mentioned, me and my friend Gibs are working on the new website. Soon we will have a preview ready. When the preview is shown to everyone we would like to hear if you have any suggestions/ideas on what could be changed or added. You must all respect that everything can not be changed for the sake of 1-2 members. My friend already agreed to what he and I were going to work on for the community, so if any additional features were going to be added, then it would cost more. I already begged him to accept the job for $1200. You should keep in mind that his custom CMS alone goes for like $1500, and we're even asking for more than that:

      * Website Design
      * Several addon pages that content can be added to
      * Website Coded
      * Intro/Welcome page
      * Forum Design based on the Website design that meshes
      * Forum design coded into the Website so its one complete system

      A design can cost more than $1000 alone. No wonder that other people who are willing to take the job are asking for $3000+... So please bear with us, but I also want to say that we need to coperate. We will be making something you guys like! Not us. Since it's your community, of course. So when the preview is done we would like to hear your thoughts. We will do our best to create something that matches your needs.

      @ Since I am a part of Konvict-Gaming I will do my best in order to get us some additional features for free. I have already been thinking about a small feature that would make the post bit more attractive to the members. Basically I was thinking about adding a frame around the avatar, post count, location and awards, so the post bit looked more customized and clean. Either around that or the entire postbit. However, this frame will be changeable. If I can, I might try to combine it with the award system, so when you obtain an award you will also gain a frame along with it. Remember, this only counts for some awards. I got this idea from League of Legends. So an example could be:

      * When an user reaches 500 posts - obtains an award. He will get a bronze frame etc.. You will understand it easier if you have played League of Legends and know about their ranked system awards.

      I do not have anything more to say. I am excited myself, haha. Hopefully we will get us a website that will satisfy all of us.
    2. Semtex
      I need to be kept in the loop please mates
      With overall costs
      Breakdown of costs
      Receipt of works
      Any VAT added
      Payment plan ? I don't even understand this

      No disrespect to Hells but I haven't spoken to you at all or your friend I would like some information please
      Especially as I would expect people to come to me for the shortfall in funds

      Bit disappointed I have to even type this but yeah

      I'm fat and hungry
    3. ISY
      Total Cost: $1200 - £756.07
      Currently Available: £400
      Short: £356.07
      Receipt Via paypal / Written agreement
      0 VAT

      Previews will be coming over the next few Days, Myself, Gibs & Hells are working on it

      Idea's right now are lacking, as it's just a first Draft, but if you check out otakuni.com you get a rough idea of some thing's we can mess with

      Payment plan - To be decided, Either half up front, Rest upon completion, or a Strict pay per segment system where payment is sent at certain milestones, we will have to have a chat about this, Due to the relationship between Hells & Gibs, Money isn't really an issue, it's trust based, So even if we can't pay in full, we can setup a monthly payment Plan, he's more than willing to do that

      Most companies request 50% upfront, Gibs is more than happy to be flexible & is working on a preview for us before work even begins, which to me gives us a 100% advantage in deciding what we want

      I didn't want to ask you for Money yet sem as i wanted to get a preview out Before we made a final Decision, but i've had quite a few chats with Gibs on skype, He is a Medical student & Will be working on the Design from here on out until the 18th of December when he will start the Coding, the long delay is due to Christmas exams, which is unfortunate, But means we can take our time working out the details to the Design & Plugins/Products

      We will have a Custom system Website, that was coded by Gibs, a Custom design made for it to suite us, And a custom forum design based on the Website design, Coded into vbulletin, The forum will be 100% integrated with the website, allowing Back/forth communications for Posting news/comments/replies and pretty much everything else

      Several plugins will be fixed & made better, as well as new Additions to the Postbit & other items, including a custom Teamspeak system (Hopefully), As well as the Idea hells posted about the Postbit, right now We are waiting for the Preview, once that's here we will slowly move forward making sure we don't jump to far ahead of our small feet

    4. Semtex
    5. ISY
      This thread is OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS, IDEAS & Modifications that you think need to happen right now as it's vital to certain features

    6. lepercq
      as I post jokes and pictures - I feel it would be right for me to offset the cost . ( the space the files take )
      so every month i will give to the guild_
      This month i will give more to help the cost
      if i can do any thing else let me know

    7. pEoN
      You're work and commitment is inspiring, keep it up!
      haters gunna hate regardless ><

      fook dem haters in de bum bum :D
    8. Hector
      Some suggestions for new site,

      an area for a hub for all the mmos to store speadsheets etc on raidgroups, raid times, loot systems etc

      An area to publicly advertise upcoming events i.e charity streams and ingame events

      Redesign of award page to instead of shown tones of names of those that achieved an award, guests banned members and up etc showing. But to show awards, what requirements and a link to the award request application. One line of awards instead of the current 2 then have a link to a viewable page of names of people hwo achieved an awards. I think this will look more cleaner and attractive when people dont want to to see a list of banned users but also will save people from hunting around for my thread to show the requirements of awards.

      Will edit if i think of anything else

      Thanks ISY
    9. Migmagnific
      I made it to the end of ur post \o/
      Jeeeezzzz that was a big wall of text heheh :D

      Good work on the dedication and effort you put in for the KG family! I am sure most of us appreciate it.. I know I do.
      Don't get caught by the negative comments.. it's not worth the trouble. There is always big reactions with changes hehe
      Thanks for your time developing the website!
    10. LordFisch
      If I can help in any way, let me know. I really like KG even though the reason why I joined (KG WildStar) seems to have died.
    11. Doddsy
      I have little suggestions but overall, it should be as easy as possible to apply to Konvict, I have a feeling that sometimes people come to the site and dont bother applying because they spend too long looking how to. (*cough I mean come on people its not that hard*) but if it were easier they would possibly stick around to complete the application. Is there some way to merge the registration and application? I know this is kinda irrelevant to the site, but is still relevant overall.

      Konvict owns a lot of servers maybe somewhere that lists them all?

      I think Hector covered anything else I might have thought.

      Thanks ISY
    12. MPKaboose
      Doesn't the current site have a caching mechanism in place for twich and rooster? Maybe refreshing those pages every 10-30 minutes help reduce the stress on the servers.

      I could also suggest using a CDN for the images and other stuff (avatars, etc.) amazons S3 is really neat that I am planing to use in the future for a project of mine, I really suggest taking a tiny peak.

      I would donate to offset my usage of the forums but currently limited because building a house, altho if really necessary I could help out with php/mysql (intermediate knowledge).
    13. Adversed
      Thank you for everything you and Syerate do dude. Definitely very much appreciated along with the work the other coders do. Always had respect for people who can code in general because I tried to learn and I didn't really understand it and the fact that you're doing it for free is awesome of you in general.

      Anyways for suggestions with all the data twitch uses up could the twitch page just kind of be something be links instead of embedding the video to the site? That way the streamers are still featured on the site and people can click on the links but it also isn't requesting data constantly. Might kind of sound like a silly idea but sounds decent.
    14. Gialianna
      good laddy he is a nice boy girl cat something :)
    15. Hellsbadass
      The thing is. When new people join Konvict-Gaming. Must of them think making an application is the same as making an account on the forums. Some of them even think that they have to fill out every single field in the registration form. The reason to this is that they're not familiar with this sort of method. However, I do understand that a merge would be a great idea, but must great idea's also have a lot of trouble when it comes to coding. For example, if we had to merge these two things. I mean the application system into the registration system. Then somehow we had to figure out if we were able to code a "feedback system". This is only necessary if you want to get rid of the TED's though. If not, then I think it's possible to do a merge. Then people just had to pick the game they were applying for before even starting their registration. So when they pick the game, then their registration and application begins in the same page. This should be possible. It sounds simple, but it's not. I will talk to my mate and see if it's possible.

      @ One thing to add. Must people do not know how to apply since they never scroll all the way down on the page "Apply to Konvict". This is pissing me off because it just means that they're not giving a shit about the rules. I was thinking about putting a timer on. So before they could even register. They had to go through the rules with a timer on. So after twenty seconds they would be able to register, you know. However, a good idea would be to put the option where you pick the game you want to apply for in the top and put a timer at the same time on the page. So people basically have to stay on the page for twenty seconds or more before they can apply/register.
    16. The_Stargazer
      If Twitch and Teamspeak APIs on the http://konvictgaming.com/ homepage take up so much bandwidth every time someone uses the KG forums, why don't we just drop them?

      They're pretty, but don't really add to the website / experience like the Awards and Roster do. If I want to know who's on TS, I'll have it open....

      The KG "live" streamer list is slightly more practical but could be replaced with just a static list of our streamers.... Or rather than relying on the Twitch API have some sort of button / feature where a streamer can go to the KG website and mark that they're streaming rather than have a live check?

      Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.
    17. Ravey
      Hey ISY

      Who else do you have to help you run the technical side of things? Is it just you? Or do you have a Technical team?

      Is running this website something you could teach to a small group to help you run things?

      To generate more revenue for the website maybe we could organise our own LAN party? We could split the cost of a venue between our members then ask for donations on the door?
    18. Hector
      one more suggestion i would like to add, and im not sure how the login will work on the new website. currently at the top on our page we have a username field, a password field and a login button. For new people they have to click this login button and click the small register button.

      I learnt form the World of tanks guys, older people are not to savey in finding this register button, not sure if it was out of laziness or that they could not see it we have to provide a link to register.

      To Counteract this, on the new site could we have a User name Field, a password Field, a Login Button and a Register Button?
    19. Strad
      Guess, they're aware of this...