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By ISY on Sep 23, 2014 at 2:04 PM
  1. ISY

    ISY Banned

    Dec 6, 2014
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    This is a public version of the post we have in the Moderators section, We would like your input & would like to know who would help out & whether or not you guys like the idea

    For the last few months we have been considering a new Website, unfortunately we haven't had the funds to be able to move forwards with the website, Nor have we had the information we needed to complete a website, Me & shorty have come to the decision of giving a run-down of everything related to us getting a new Website/forum & it's cost, and whether or not people would support/fund the project

    The Plan

    The plan is to Contact a Designer known as "ID820" Who'm myself & Shorty have known for roughly 8 Years
    He currently works for Steelseries Brazil & also works for eSports brasil, keYd eSports & Counter logic Gaming
    As a Designer/Coder, being friends with him gives us some benefits like extras/Freebies/Mates rates

    ID820's Portfolio/Experience


    The Request

    • Intro portal (Welcome to KG)
    • Main Portal/landing page (News, Modules for up-coming matches, scrims, Addons for Sections like wow/wildstar so on so forth
    • Integrated forum, where the forum will also be designed into the Main portal, giving it a nice professional look
    • Redesigned logo (Not changed, just bettered)
    • Banners/Avatars/Signatures
    • Maybe a T-shirt design
    • Sponsors/affiliates etc..etc

    The Costs

    Unfortunately as with any website design, the cost is always going to be quite high for a professional look
    The Welcome/Main portal & most of the additions are easily covered by ID820 himself
    However he doesn't code into our forum Software, which means we will need to source
    the forum coding to someone else, which means a freelancer, or an experienced KG member.
    You're probably asking well why not just say the price?, well its not as simple as that, i can easily
    give a estimate, but a fixed amount isn't that easy due to the forum being the hardest part of the design
    After a discussion with ID820 on skype, we came to the conclusion that it would cost between 200 and 400 for all the designs
    and the coding for the main website & such to be covered
    However that cost didn't include the Forums...he will design the forums, but will not code it, so we will need to
    look for a coder for the forum bit, which could range anywhere between 50-150

    What we are asking

    We are basically asking whether or not you guys see this as something we should pursue
    & whether you guys would be willing to fund the project via donations & such, the Leaders/Officers/Techs will be contributing cash if you guys agree that we should move forward with this project, but we would like to know out of everyone if YOU would willingly contribute as well, as we don't want to move forwards with Maybe's/Don't knows. if the majority agree, we will start the process

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask

    This is a public version of the post we have in the Moderators section, We would like your input & would like to know who would help out & whether or not you guys like the idea


Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by ISY, Sep 23, 2014.

    1. Sean
      Count me in :) Always up for making an already awesome place even more awesomeerrr(This needs to be a real world)
    2. Sensual
      Seems like a really good project.
      If this moves on will def. contribute.
    3. Alvorton
      Sounds like a decent plan, how much input would the members get into how the website is laid out and such?
      Would be good to move away from the forum based theme thats currently looming over the website.

      Will happily contribute a hefty sum (Could easily do up to £100, maybe more, obviously depending on how much is covered by other community members and such.)
    4. ISY
      Layout wise will be beta-scripted by the Leaders & myself & the designer, however previews & inputs will be posted up on the forums so you guys can give suggestions :)
    5. ShaneyHD
      didnt we only move website like just over a year ago?
    6. Venum
      Great idea will contribute/donate also. Time to get all fancy!
    7. ISY
      We changed just over a year ago as a temporary solution until we could afford/create a newer design, which we haven't had the time or funds to do, this website was only ever temporary
    8. kyusaki
      I love this community more than most stuff i adore, i would be glad to be a part of making everything better :)

      Edit: however you do, do not apply any flash :)
    9. ShaneyHD
      ah right i didn't know that but im kinda up for a new website but then im not up for a new one XD
    10. ISY
      Forums will remain under the same system, just different design
    11. ShaneyHD
      i figured that cause messing with the forum main frame is just to much hassle to be reworked when it works perfectly fine :)
    12. KepDeep
      Depending on how much a member has to input I can see what I can do to help.
    13. pEoN
      Sounds good ;).
      I did a degree in Computer networks / web design, but i will just donate i is lazy :D
    14. Ario
      This guy is sick! I will be defo donating if I have the coins.
    15. Karzii
      Seems cool, I'd be game to donate for the cause.
    16. AL.AN.
      The price isn't that high anyway, so an effort can be made to raise the sum.
      I am in for this and will try to contribute as much as I can!
    17. ISY
    18. Ethrealin
      Wow, if this one is temporary, then I can't wait for permanent one to appear.
      Looking forward to previews and willing to contribute, if things works out for me well in terms of getting the job.
    19. Fuelednrdy
      Looks good, I think it will be a good change!

      I'll donate soon.