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Hey Guys,

As some of you have noticed, my badge on TS has changed to retired officer and looks like a sphincter :D.

The decision came a couple of weeks ago but I just wanted to let people know why.

It was a ton of fun getting to start up a new division, pass it on the Sean and see how he has made CS:GO grow into the behemoth it is becoming!

Unfortunately I don't have the time or energy anymore to be an officer. For the time being I'd like to just come home from work, relax and play some video games.

I'm not going anywhere though so see you around in TS :p!

Hello all

I've reworked all forum permissions. If there is anything that you can't do that you could before Please post below.
Important changes:

  • All moderators/mod leaders can now see all moderator forums but can only post in their game specific one.
  • Floating mods can post in all of the moderator forums
  • Members can no longer post/reply in the application forums
  • Members can no longer post in the announcement forums
most importantly: Back-end cleaned up