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I have decided that I am going to step down as a Mod Leader. I feel that I need a break from it, "burnt out" as we usually call it. I don't expect to come back as a mod leader, if I come back. I have loved helping everyone in here and its does feel sad to do this. I know a lot of you don't want me to step down and we have spoken about this a little bit. But at the end of it, it is my decision and I hope you respect that.

Thank you for the opportunity
Hey dudes and dudettes!

Just wanted to take the time and tell ppl that i no longer am a floating mod. ^^
Wanted to make a post so ppl wouldnt get confused and just say that I have been made a FFXIV moderator.

thanks for the wonderful time #FABCLOUD!

I'll still be around, so dont hesitate to poke me from time to time :D