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I just wanted to make a quick announcement about the new addition to our Supervisor team. Last year when we first introduced the rank, @Valkyria was one of the first people on our list to trial the role, simply due to her kind nature and pure dedication to the community and I'm happy to say that we're welcoming Valk back for her second stint as Supervisor :)

If you don't know what a supervisor is, visit this thread. We're a smaller community these days so we don't need quite as many staff but or if you'd like to apply for the position yourself, click here.
Hello KonvictGaming

Season 10 is about to start this friday, and we'd like to kick it off with a bang!
Returning players can look forward to new armories, material cloud storage, new types of ancients and changes to existing classes. For more details click here
If you're interested, come join the D3 section on ts at 5pm CET on Friday to start the grind!

Hope to see you there!