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Everyone! We did it!

Yesterday 10am we started our charity event with 24h of non-stop streaming and I am very happy to announce that during that time
we raised £510 for the charity Anxiety gaming!!

A massive thank you to our streamers! @Cogliostro @Congenial @MasterOfTrollz @NarutoTuna @Safahri @Trempale @VanWalter @Leinhart @KenshiKawa @Cindermoon @Boondock @Ubly

A big thank you to everyone who supported this event, by donating, chatting and keeping company to our streamers, for the funny bets... :D

For those who could not be there, and those who would like to watch it again :p , you can find all the streams of the event here : Twich - Konvictgaminghd

thank you everyone, you helped us to reach our goal, and make it a funny and enjoyable event to assist and be part of and more important we helped an awesome charity, Anxiety Gaming, for them to keep providing free mental health services and support to gamers all over the globe.

*big valk hug to all*