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It is with great regret I am announcing the closure of KGs world of Warcraft section due to lack of interest in continuing it from both members and staff

The section has moved to other games, and all staff have been demoted

If you read this and wish to revive the section, the criteria required is 10 community member applications specifying world of Warcraft as the reason for joining, and these trials must pass and be regularly active within the section


So, as you all have seen we have implemented new icons for every year people have stuck with KG.
We decided to pick off the icons we already had on the website, leaving us with a set of skulls. Now they dont look too bad, but they dont really match what we have going with the icons we have right now.

Now as we all have to see these icons every day, we decided it would be interesting to what everyone in KG could design. And even if you might not be a pixel picasso yourself, everyone will get to vote for what they think looks the best.
If the style of the winning veteran icons does not match the other icons we currently use (modleader, member, trial, etc) There will be an option to update those in the winners style.

How it works

Alright, so the way this will work is the people who want to compete will send in their work over to me using a form, and il put together a gallery of competitors. Everyone from KG will then get to vote for their top picks, and then the leadership will decide on the winner from the top 3.

How to submit

Using this form you can send in your 5 veteran icons, and if you feel like your style differs to much from the current icons you can supply up to 5 other ranks to give everyone a better feel for your veteran icons. (modleader, member, trial, etc)
You are not limited to a single application per person, as long as there is a significant difference between them. That means dont send in a slightly darker green version, those will be ignored.

Detailed information and examples

The only real limitation you have for the veteran icons are that you have to stay away from the currently in use colors (Modleader/Supervisor Green, Officer red, Tech purple and Clanleader Yellow) and the final canvas size of 16px by 16px .PNG
Other then that you are free to decide on any kind of shape, color and indication of veteran ranking.

To give...