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KonvictGaming.com Banner
We are looking for a new Konvict Gaming banner for on the website. Our current one is a bit outdated so we are looking for talented people who wish to have their design high and proud on our website for everyone to see!

As for every competition there are a few requirements:

  • If you portrait games within your logo then the should be represented by Konvict Gaming sections.
  • It may not contain any Nudity / Propaganda or other inappropriate things.
  • The logo should stay in a professional manner.
  • The size should be at least 300 pixels.
Please send your image to Ladineko through a Private Message.

After 2 weeks we will have a 1 week selection vote (if more then one logo has made it through the selection round). The winner will have he’s/her banner represented on the Konvict Gaming website.