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As some of you may have noticed the sandbox section has been a bit dead recently. More in-part to my college life being rather busy over the past month and I've let things slide a little. But now I'm back with some more vigour. Ark has been a good game to me in the past so i thought i would open up a server for all you lovely people to come on and play with us :D. I've already had some interest from people interested in playing ark so for those who are interested i hope to see you soon in ark :p

To find the server the server is called
KG Pve Server. This is found in the unofficial server list for those who are new to the game.

Now down to the details of the server. It is a slightly modded Pve server, so for you pvp junkies out there sorry no raiding here please. If there is enough interest in a pvp server i will look in to setting up a second pvp server.

What do you mean by slightly modded server? Well as it says the server has some mods in it (11 to be precise as time of writing). These mods are more improvement of life changes to the game like bigger stacks and such.
I have made a steam workshop collection for those who want to download the mods before joining the server.

I have also tweaked some of the game settings to make it a bit more easy to play such as Harvesting is now 4x. exp is 5x and dino taming is 10x. You will also get 100 Engram points per level.

Now the normal rules apply on the server. Don't steal from people or grief. Don't build in caves or on top of metal / obsidian areas if you can. If i deem it to be blocking access to so other people can get them then i will not be a happy scot and ill have to take measures so people can get access to them.