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Hello all,

Recently ISY changed the template so we had coloring on our text.
This was a nice change but some people had reading difficulties with certain colours.

So because of this I asked him to revert it BUT
people who still want the colours can use another template located bottom left of the forum.


Click the dropdown box and choose "Konvict Gaming - red - fixed Coloured posts/thread text" and you'll have all the colours back :)

Keep in mind that by default there will be no colours.

Thanks ISY!

We have integrated a new Twitch.tv System, if you feel that your stream should be visible HERE, please contact an officer/leader to get yourself added, baring in mind that you will need to meet the requirements set before you will be added & the account must stay active, otherwise it will be removed.

Professional looking stream
Advertising KG on their twitch page as well as verbally telling people on stream about us and giving us some nice plugs to sway people into applying to join.
Set the right example for KG and represent KG in a positive way.
Stream on a regular basis.
Good video and audio.

All these will be checked on a regular basis by a number of different people. If cases are serious enough to give KG a bad name you will be faced with the warnings system the clan follows.