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Hi if you seen or been told about the greatness of Wildstar well I go 2 keys to play wildstar for 7 days so if you want one better type fast :)

First come first


After the initial thoughts of just re-vamping a few things early hours of this morning, what seemed to look like a simple update, ended up in me sitting at my computer for 15 Hours straight re-building the website from scratch & salvaging what parts of the Database i could...

Salvaged -
  • Streams
  • Forms / Applications
  • Posts/Threads
  • Mostly all Images / Signatures/Avatars/Thumbnails/Attachments (Some may still be missing & will forever be lost)
  • Roster
  • Affiliates
  • Sections
  • Links
  • Award IMAGES - Not the system
  • Groups
  • Private messages
  • Settings
  • Comments
  • Profile Pics

Lost -
  • Awards...It was the only thing i couldn't get back >.<, so at some point i will need to re-add everyone to it manually...so until that time, it's currently unavailable

Completed -
  • MYSQL > Website > Cloudflare ddos protection, enabled several scripts which should add increased protection to 40+gb attacks
  • Core leaks
  • DB Corruption
  • Vanishing Links/Pages/Admincp/Attachments/Images/Text in threads/posts

Added -
  • Added a new theme "Blue"
  • Added a new Thanks system
  • Added Text colouring per rank to the "Blue" Theme so Red is normal.

Removed -

  • Postbit data for League/steam/origin etc, etc Names...