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We have integrated a new Twitch.tv System, if you feel that your stream should be visible HERE, please contact an officer/leader to get yourself added, baring in mind that you will need to meet the requirements set before you will be added & the account must stay active, otherwise it will be removed.

Professional looking stream
Advertising KG on their twitch page as well as verbally telling people on stream about us and giving us some nice plugs to sway people into applying to join.
Set the right example for KG and represent KG in a positive way.
Stream on a regular basis.
Good video and audio.

All these will be checked on a regular basis by a number of different people. If cases are serious enough to give KG a bad name you will be faced with the warnings system the clan follows.

I never thought i would have to do this, but I'm afraid The rust section is closing. In a nutshell. It has been my "baby" since it was created and i have met some fantastic people along my way but all good things have to come to an end.

Garry himself (the creator of the game) has closed our recruitment thread which was the main source of our recruits, and the moderators will not unlock it. not only that i checked the stats for players online and on the
22nd of april 2014 there was roughly 16k people online, down from 58k 2 months ago. People are leaving the game and with them re coding huge chunks of the base game code with no sound of a content update, i will expect this number to drop even more. 16k players on about 9000 servers is over diluted. (equals 1.7 players per server)
There is no timeframe for how long this will take and from officers experience from other games this could take a very long time.
I had a chat with paz and a few of the officers and all of them agreed with me rust is a dieing game, and if the section was to close it will be really hard to resurrect.
We cannot recruit for it anymore so rust, is gonig to become a any other game again.

I would like to thank the clan leaders for giving me a chance to start a section. I would also like to thank all my previous moderators for helping out - muffin, kezma, jarnu, jonesydeath. You all helped me through good and bad times and i appreciate all your effort.

Would also like to thank the members that helped to try and populate our konvict gaming server, it hit off a couple of times but always ended up quiet.

This game is going no where fast in the short run but i expect huge things in the future.

But for now, i will not pay for the server as its empty. so this will shut down. These rust forum section will be removed and i have politely asked for a rust team speak room for the any other games section so the members that still play can have somewhere to go.

See you all around where ever i will...