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Recently on teamspeak me knightmare and innocent have noticed that the teamspeak suddenly "freezes" and i can't do anything. It may take up to 5minutes from it to unfreeze. We have concluded that it is not from our sides since it works fine normally. We also don't know if the guests coming into this ts and freezing the teamspeak so other users can't use it. It all started tonight. Lots of people have been getting disconnected or started to time out cause of this issue.

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http://gyazo.com/f560879a68f364b7258f28fcb18d8b03 this gyazo shows an anti-freeze site http://screech.me/ts3/plugins/antifreeze.html

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Go into settings on teamspeak, then go to the tab called plugin, tick the box that says lua plugin. should work
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