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I've setup a Moderator for the Teamspeak3 to further our efforts in becoming a more stable & secure community, what with the recent actions taken by certain users, I have had to disable most features on Teamspeak3 & the forums, With this some of said features can be re-enabled

Who can control the Bot? Right now Myself & Matt/Syerate, as there is a lot of development that still needs to be done, as I've taken an existing code that had been left, and what with the updates to TS3 has become unreliable, however the features I have enabled as of this moment are more than effective & secure.

What commands are available?

Well overall there are roughly 40 Commands, However there are only commands Relevant to each Group, most of which have none, the only ones that are publicly available at this time are !lastseen & !Welcome test, however the full list is as follows

!lastseen <search string>
!Welcome test
!botcfghelp [config key]
!botcfgget <config key>
!botcfgset <config key> = <config value>
!botjoinchannel <channel id>
!clientsearch <nickname>
!getChannelID [channel id or channel name]
!listinactivechannels [channel id or channel name]
!listinactiveclients <minimum days inactive>
!msgchannelgroup <channelgroup id> <message>
!msgservergroup <servergroup id> <message>
!removechannelgroups <client database id>
!searchip <ip address>
!setchannelgroup <client database id> <channel group id> <channel list separated with comma>
!setchannelname <channel id> <new channel name>
!botinstancestart <name>
!botinstancestop <name>

Just bearing in mind you only have access to the first 2

Hey everyone.

I'm writing this post because as of now, I will be stepping down as an Officer. I've had a great time being a part of the administration team, Its been an experience (I'd highly recommend to anybody interested to make an application to become a part of the team). But sadly the time has come around when I've burnt out, and I feel the need to focus on my real life more so, and just generally have the time to play games instead of solving problems.

Over the past few weeks i've been becoming increasingly slack as an officer. So I'm going to take this opportunity to step down, and I'm sure someone who has the motivation can take my position.

I wish KG as a community all the best, and I'm very sure that I’ll spring back from recent events.

I'll still come on TS from time to time.

Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to be in this position, but my time has come.