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Warning, a bunch of text incoming.

Now, my personal recommendation is if you want to buy and sell Steam items, do so through the Community Market, as everything else involves some sort of risk. If you decide to do a cash trade or any trade outside the Steam Community Market, here is some information that will hopefully keep you safe.

If you keep your Steam inventory public and own any CS:GO/DotA 2/PUBG skins that are worth more than 30$ or so, you've probably experienced being added by a random person out of the blue and asked whether you are willing to trade your items for PayPal/Steam codes/other skins. If you're at all willing to consider doing that, there are two things to say here: NEVER GO FIRST IN A DIRECT TRADE AS A SELLER and treat every such activity as a scam until you're convinced the person you're trading with is legit. There are many different scam methods, and I'm not going to go into details about every one of them in this thread at this time; I'll add a link to the SteamRep forums for a list of the most common scams.

Some good rules to go by, in no particular order:

  • Apply common sense.

If it smells fishy, it's probably a scam. If it's too good to be true, it's probably a scam.

If the person adding you doesn't own the games they wanna trade items for (say they don't own CS:GO but are interested in your knife), then it's very likely a scam.

Check their games and their inventory - it's highly unlikely someone with an account worth 15$ (has PUBG on their account and another 55 free/0.01$ games and skins worth a grand total of 0.07$) will be willing to buy your Ivory school uniform set worth 800+$.

  • Account age means nothing. Account level means nothing. "+Rep" means nothing. A "nicely looking" account means nothing.

A steam account from 2004 can be bought for...
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