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24/08/2016 Update

Blade and Soul, a free to play, fast paced, story driven, action MMORPG. Following your character, a pupil of the Hongmoon arts as they attempt to seek vengeance for the destruction of their martial arts school and death of their master by the hands of the evil Jinsoyun. Play as one of nine unique classes and master the ways of martial arts to conquer any evil in your way; or prove your worth against any challenger that faces you in the skill based PvP arena.


New And Returning Players

With the new updates, It’s now the best time for new and returning players to join in. Main story quests have had EXP buffs to allow for a more fluid and fun leveling experience; reach max level in record speeds and join the guild in clearing the cutting edge content. Gearing up a character is now also easier with much more readily available Moonwater and Silverfrost transformation stones and new weapon paths allowing for upto 80% cheaper upgrades. Higher level materials have also been included in more areas allowing for even infrequent players to climb the ranks in a reasonable time.


Current Players

With the update numerous new content has been unlocked including a limited time event allowing active players a chance for bonus items and upgrade materials as well as rare items and cosmetics. For those at or near max level, the new dungeon and upgrade paths have been included, allowing for six players to assault the Desolate Tombs, overcoming all odds against them in the hardest dungeon yet to the game for a chance to fight the mighty beast known as the Lord of Flames. Or for those who are truly daring, push this challenge to whole new levels in the spine shattering difficulty of the 4-man content and use the new ingame DPS meter to truly show their worth....​