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Top Campaigns

  1. New Site Fund

    Our with the old & in with the new! As you can all see, we have replaced a buggy hack-able site with this shiny new one. As this was already in development we were awaiting funding, but as we suffered yet another hack we had no choice but to get it launched a bit early. We're half way to our target but need your help to fund the best site possible!
    £308.39 GBP
    £500.00 GBP (15 days remaining)
  2. General Maintenance

    Supports Costs in All Sections, Also pays towards our Annual TS3 License
    £185.00 GBP
    Monthly Goal:
    £90.00 GBP (2 hours remaining)
  3. Dedicated Servers Fund

    Donate to Help Pay For Our Two Dedicated Servers which run our TS3 server and our CSGO Servers.
    £140.00 GBP
    Monthly Goal:
    £140.00 GBP (2 hours remaining)