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So, Insomnia 58 is just around the corner and KG are going to it again this year! We are planning on making a KG row again like at i57. Currently we do not have a dedicated seat manager until now. I am volunteering as seat manager for this year’s i58. As of now we have roughly about 15 people that we know of that are going to insomnia. But most of the people that are going are split up from each other. I am currently waiting for the next lot of seats to be released which should be shortly and when these are released we will take up one of these rows. But if they do not get released we have a backup plan. If you are interested in going and want to sit with KG make myself (Joshieballz) manager of your seat, details below on how to do this. If you wanted to sit with someone specifically when don’t worry, just let me know who it is you would like to sit next to I can place you next to said person. I am currently sat in HA-E27. This is how you make me manager of your seat:

· Assuming you have paired your Multiplay account with your Ticket factory account it should be straight forward.

· In the search box on the left hand side search “Joshieballz”, it has to be the full name otherwise it will not show. It will say Make manager of your seat, click it.

· Next it will say Give access, click it.

· It should now say Access Granted.

If anyone has any questions on anything regarding insomnia, feel free to contact me.

Many thanks!