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I attend a lot of comic and gaming conventions and living in Southern California i'm fortunate that most of the major conventions are relatively close by. Blizzcon (two blocks away), Kamikaze/Anime Expo (45-60 minute drive), and San Diego Comic Con (1.5-2 hour depending on traffic).

Thought I'd share my recent visit to SDCC 2016 this past week. Four days of waking up early and sleeping late, baking in the sun as I waited in lines, trying to get ahold of exclusive collectibles and autographs! Here are some of my highlight finds!

#1 Allen Bellman commissioned sketch cover!!!

Allen was an artist at marvel before it was "marvel" and was hired at the age of 18 to assist in background art for Captain America comics back in the 1940's during WWII. He was there with Jack Kirby before Stan Lee came on board (Stan was away at war).

This is my SDCC 2016 GRAIL because Allen is known to be the second artist to draw Captain America, a 75 year old character. At the age of 92, Allen's still got the talent, he was very humble, nice and you wouldn't have known who he was by passing him by...actually many of my comic collector friends didn't even know he was at the Con! Had they and others known, I'm sure his table would have been flooded and I wouldn't have been able to ask get my sketch commission done by him.


#2 Overwatch Limited Edition Matted Art Print titled “The Cavalry's Here”

This print was designed and hand-signed by Overwatch Assistant Art Director Arnold Tsang. 100 were made but only 20 were sold each day to the first 20 people in line at the Blizzard Booth.

The hardest part about obtaining one wasn't lining up early in the AM to be one of the first in the convention, the hardest part was beating the exhibitors who would swap out their badges to seem like normal attendees. Exhibitors were prohibited from purchasing...
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