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Looking for a new game to play over the summer? Then look no further than Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn, with the recent update of the free trial you can level up to LEVEL 35 and play for 14 days all for free, so you have no excuse to not join us. Just remember to join the ODIN server!

Play FINAL FANTASY XIV for free | Square Enix - http://www.ffxiv-freetrial.com/en/ FREE TRIAL LINK

A Realm Reborn offers a classic Final Fantasy story rich in lore that transcends all the previous games. If you have played any of the Final Fantasy titles you will be right at home here. Finding the typical FF characters such as Biggs and Wedge, Cid, Moogles, Chocobos and much more. Let’s not forget the bosses too, Ifrit the lord of fire, Leviathan the demon of the ocean to name just two.

Pick from the holy trinity of RPG class, the Tank, Healer and DPS, combined into 12 classes you will find the play style that suites you. That’s not including the crafting classes….. Want to be a chef and cook some delicious noodles, be my guest. See yourself as an angler? Why not come catch some bass.

The Final Fantasy section is a warm and inviting part of the Konvict Gaming community running for over 3 years, so we know how to run a good section. We have our own events staff that run all sorts of cool content, social events to help new players through hard content and raid teams for the hardcore players.

‘IGN’ One of the best MMO’s out there!

‘Game Trailers’ 9/10.

‘Foggy’ Best thing since sliced bread.​